Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to school 2014!

Gawd! The 6 weeks holiday just flew past us like a tornado! lol How I wished! Well, I'm happy to say it has finally ended and tomorrow my eldest will be back to school and my second kid will start her kinder the next day. So looking forward to some peace and quiet at home.

When the new school term starts, there will be lots of stuff to consider as the school will have lots of activities for the kids. Some are part of the curriculum and some we'll have to pay for them. Again, we are not sure if we should let our son to continue with his music lessons? He attended for 2 semesters last year and we have yet to see much of it. They do not hold any concerts or what so ever to demonstrate the students' progress.

I might want to pull him out and let him explore other courses. Maybe let him try guitar or concertina... we'll see how it goes since these lessons don't come cheap.

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