Thursday, July 10, 2014

Colds days are coming to Melbourne

I guess it is the peak of winter now as the temperature kept dropping the past weeks. Today we are in the low 10s and tonight we will probably go to as low as 6 or 7 degree Celsius. Brrrrrrr

This is the second week of Term 2 school holiday and I can't wait for Term 3 to starts this coming Monday. Though I have to be a Taxi Mama, it is still better to be stuck at home with a bunch of noisy kids! >.<

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lots to post but no time to post!

Life has been hectic lately as my parents were here for a month long visit. We went out a lot and with all the kids there were just so much to do so the days just slip by...

There are just so much backlog for this blog and I don't know when I'll have the time to catch up!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is Budda Amp?

Oh dear! Someone came and ask me about budda amp and I totally have no idea! All I know it is about music or some musical instruments... other than that I have no idea at all.

I am not into musical instruments so there are a lot of terms or products which I am totally clueless about. I only know those basic stuff like piano, violin, keyboard, clarinet and etc and anything beyond that... it will be a big question mark.

Anyway, I hope my kids will fare better than me. Eldest is already taking keyboard lessons and I might send the other 2 girls to pick up something when they are ready. Can't let them stay ignorant like me ;P

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When a Boeing 777 can just disappear

It has been more than 10 days now since the disappearing of the Boeing-777 MH370 together with the 239 passengers and crews on board. Everyone is stumped with the mystery surrounding the disappearance. Why? Well, the satellites has been receiving pings from the plane even after 7 hours after it vanished from the radar.

There have been loads of speculations what could possibly happen to such a huge and modern commercial jet. And the way the Malaysian government managing the crisis is extremely pathetic to say the least. They refused to divulge information and still very much trying to guard whatever information they have making the search and recovery by the mass amount of allies dumbfounded.

I really pity those on board and their families. Just can't wait for the truth to reveal... be it an act of terrorism or whatever it might be...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Guitar not my thing

When someone asked me about cool vox amplifier, I told him I have zero knowledge about it. I am not into guitar and any other professional kind of musical instruments and their accessories. I only know the basic.

Though I have a guitar (a gift from an uncle) but I have never really played with it. More like holding it only! lol I have wanted to take up lessons but my busy schedule back them really tough for me to arrange for any. Maybe someday when all the kids are bigger, I might want to pick up and go for some private lessons. It is always good to know to play an instrument or two...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Summer @ Seaford Beach, Melbourne

This summer we went to the beach so many times I've lost count completely! We first went to a few but can't seem find a good spot until we chanced on Seaford Pier along Seaford Beach. It is one of the more beautiful beach side we have been to so far.

Just love looking out to the sea on the jetty on a beautiful clear sky...

The kids love it when it is low tide as they can walk far out to the sea and water level still below knew level. Sometimes if we are lucky we can see small school of fish swimming in to tease us!

Getting lost

You know, there are just too many things to learn and buy in the music world and I must confess that I am very lost! We were supposed to get a keyboard for our son to practice on but still have not get to it as we are still so lost on what to get for him! I told my son that I have to visit his music room one of these days to find out what he has been playing on!

Luckily we are spared from all those more advanced stuff like vox custom ac30c2 for now but I can bet it won't be long that our son will come request for one very soon! Got to really stick onto his back and see how much is he learning on the musical part and not on all those buying for his music lessons! :P

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another HOT week ahead!

It will be another HOT week this week with temperature rising above the mid 38sC! Today's will will experience a shot of heat with a cool change later in the evening. So glad that it will be a fine day tomorrow when the school reopens.

The forecast said that most south east states will experience another week of intense heat next week when temperature is expected to rise above 40C again. I hope this will be the last for this summer as the heat is really intolerable! So glad we have air conditioning in the house!

Back to school 2014!

Gawd! The 6 weeks holiday just flew past us like a tornado! lol How I wished! Well, I'm happy to say it has finally ended and tomorrow my eldest will be back to school and my second kid will start her kinder the next day. So looking forward to some peace and quiet at home.

When the new school term starts, there will be lots of stuff to consider as the school will have lots of activities for the kids. Some are part of the curriculum and some we'll have to pay for them. Again, we are not sure if we should let our son to continue with his music lessons? He attended for 2 semesters last year and we have yet to see much of it. They do not hold any concerts or what so ever to demonstrate the students' progress.

I might want to pull him out and let him explore other courses. Maybe let him try guitar or concertina... we'll see how it goes since these lessons don't come cheap.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hottest Day in Melbourne

Today is touted to be one of the hottest day in the history of Melbourne with temperature soar to above 40C! It is like walking into a furnace once I stepped out of the house!

As at 9am, the temperature has gone up to 35C and just before noon it has reached a massive 38C! Personally I have not experience anything hotter than 36C. So, it is like getting grilled outside! So, the is the REAL summer here!

I took the opportunity to wash all the sheets since everything dries up the moment I hung them out! :P