Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crappy summer weather in Melbourne!

On Monday it hit 36C here in Melbourne and today it dropped to 16C! And mind you, it is supposed to be summer now! It was raining cats and dogs during school pick up time which is really crazy!

Can you imagine it is actually snowing in the Alps here during summer???

News from The Age...
"Snow is falling on the Alps as Victoria shivers through its coldest December day since Christmas 2006.
"It's snowing up there at the moment," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Efron said.
"There's probably been around 5 centimetres and we could see another five or 10 for the rest of the day."
All the major peaks – Hotham, Baw Baw, Buller, Falls Creek – have had falls, said Mr Efron. The snow has fallen down to 1100 metres.
AdvertisementMt Buller reached minus 1.5 degrees at 8.51am on Thursday morning and the other peaks have also experienced sub-zero chill, he said.
Even the Grampians may have had a touch of sleet. "It's been down to 0.2 degrees there so they could have had some flurries."
Mr Efron said that snow falls in December were "not that uncommon", occurring every three or four years on average.
Melbourne, reached 16.8 degrees at 12.45pm – the coldest day since Christmas Day 2006, which got to 14.5 degrees, said Mr Efron.
Not surprisingly, it snowed on that day as well.
There have also been heavy falls of rain in recent days, with the Alps bearing the brunt.
Mt Buller has had 93 millimetres and Mt Hotham 83. Nearby Strathbogie has had 76. Mt Dandenong has had 37 and Mildura 38.
"Easily exceeding the December average in one day," according to Mr Efron.
Melbourne had 16.8 millimetres of rain in the 48 hours prior to 9am on Thursday.
Friday will reach 20 degrees in Melbourne with showers clearing.
The weekend will be warm – sunny and 27 degrees on Saturday, 29 degrees with a shower or two on Sunday.
Monday to Wednesday will be in the low 20s with a shower or two.

I don't really mind the cold weather which is much better than the hot weather but I am having the whole flu package now so life is certainly not very good :(

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