Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing Day Sale

I was so geared up for Boxing Day Sale this year that I woke up so early and arrived at the mall before 8am! We were late last year and was caught up in the horrible traffic jam at the freeway and the shopping mall. This year I went alone to the mall nearby our house. I was hoping to get a tall Christmas tree but was disappointed that none were in sight! Found some in Myers but they were too expensive. :(

Then some friends told me to shop online instead. So, I started browsing around and found a few bargains but hubby said we don't need such big tree :( Well, will stick with my tiny tree for now...

Also, I was hoping to get a few other things since everywhere is having massive mark down. Hopefully I can get the beyerdynamic microphones at Musicians Friend for our new Karaoke set.

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