Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Year end shopping

Honestly, I would love to have some ME time to do my shopping but my baby has been extremely clingy the past weeks since she was weaned off from the boobs. Not sure why she behaved that way? She seems to be more clingy than before. She can't even take her eyes off me especially when we are out shopping! She even screamed when her brother or sister push her stroller! @@

Luckily I can shop online now... else I am sure to be so pressed with time. It is difficult to bring the whole jing gang out to shop and will definitely end up not getting anything!

I hope hubby will get me some jewelry this year as it has been a while he gave me any :P Just found out that Reeds sells bulova and it might be something that might suit me. heh! Well, I don't really mind what he wanna give me... it is the thoughts that count :)

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