Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween and we have decided to let the kids go about the neighbourhood for trick or treating. It was a really fun time for them as they enjoyed getting a full bag of candies that can last for a year! lol

Here are their bags...

Actually Halloween is an American thing but I guessed due to over commercialization of the event it has reaches far and wide and everyone is treating it as a celebration. Well, it is definitely a fun time for the kids here! :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moving to his own room

Now that we have moved in to our new home, our son can't wait to sleep in his own room. We have yet to set up his room so for the time being he is still sleeping with his little sister. Hubby needs to fix up the bed and get him a study table too.

Our son is also into all the boy's toys especially scooters and skateboards but we have yet to get him any as we are not sure if he can handle these toys. He has a hand-me-down scooters now but hardly plays with it as the wheels were not that smooth. He is hoping that we will get him a new one or get him a pennyboard or a skateboard instead. We'll probably have to install a skateboard wall mount for him too else his sisters will play with it!

Kids love Sipah

If your kids hate drinking milk, you might want to try getting some Sipah Flavored Milk straws for them. My kids love them to bits and they can finish a big cup of milk each time.

Besides the regular chocolate flavor, there are so many other flavors available. I think both my elder kids love the cookie & cream the most...

However, these are only available in Australia for now :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Year end shopping

Honestly, I would love to have some ME time to do my shopping but my baby has been extremely clingy the past weeks since she was weaned off from the boobs. Not sure why she behaved that way? She seems to be more clingy than before. She can't even take her eyes off me especially when we are out shopping! She even screamed when her brother or sister push her stroller! @@

Luckily I can shop online now... else I am sure to be so pressed with time. It is difficult to bring the whole jing gang out to shop and will definitely end up not getting anything!

I hope hubby will get me some jewelry this year as it has been a while he gave me any :P Just found out that Reeds sells bulova and it might be something that might suit me. heh! Well, I don't really mind what he wanna give me... it is the thoughts that count :)

Bush fire in NSW and it is rainy in Victoria

We are in the same continent but as weird as it can get, it is so hot in one state and can be so wet in another! Some areas in NSW are experiencing the worst bush fire ever in spring this year where many properties are gutted away.

However, it is so wet here in Victoria. We have been having rains for the past 2 days and it feels just like winter on some nights too. In fact I am still wearing my winter clothing now.

Just hope the hot and dry weather in NSW will improve in the next few days and the fire can be put off soon. So sad to see folks in NSW have to fight with the ranging bush fire across the state.