Friday, September 20, 2013

Minor paint job and etc...

Hubby and a relative has been doing some paint job in our new place the past weeks and so far they only managed to paint about 60% of the house. As we are moving in next weekend, we hope to complete the paint job before end of next week. Not too good to do painting while the kids are running about.

Then we have to do a lot of other minor stuff after moving in. Hubby wanted to replace the old mail box with a new one and thought of having our house no. engraved with some patterns. Checked some really nice stuff over at and thought of getting from them.

Maybe moved in first then decide...

Crappy spring weather

The weather has been really crappy the past week and all my laundry are taking so long to dry! I do not have any dryer so I tried leaving the clothes under the ducted heater vent but some hidden pieces on the clothe lines are not getting the heat so they are still damp.

The weather forecast predicted the rain will only ease off on Sunday. I hope I don't have to wash so much for the next few days else really have no place to hang them!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking for cheap airfare

In another 5 months we will be in Melbourne for 2 years. We did thought of going back to Penang for summer holiday as next year CNY falls just before the new school term. However, hubby's company will be shutting down from Christmas till the 2nd week of Jan and he has no choice but to use up his annual leaves for that.

We will probably plan to fly back during winter if our schedule permits but will have to see if we can score any cheap airfares. Since we are not students, we can use the student travel agency to get our tickets else we will definitely save loads! It is not cheap for a family of 5 to fly...