Monday, August 26, 2013

A trip to Sydney

We have yet to plan a trip to Sydney as we felt that our youngest is too young to go for a long ride. We we were to drive from Melbourne to Sydney, it will take approximately 12 hours of non stop driving which is very taxing on the driver, aka my hubby. :P If we ever decide to drive up, we'll probably stop mid way and over night. However, the thought of wasting 2x2 days on the road is kind of a waste.

Therefore, we also thought of flying up if we can secure some cheap airfare. If that is the case, we might need to hire a car from a car rental company. And since we have two kids who still require car seats, we are wondering if we should bring our own or just get them from the car rental company. Previously we enquired before from one company that it charges $8 for each seat which can be rather costly if we take two. For that we thought we should wait for the younger kids to be older before we embark on this journey!

Anyway, we are keeping a few options open before deciding which is the best  choice. Hubby did thought about hiring a RV instead so the kids can have some fun travelling on one but we are not getting those that hooked up onto our car. Instead we would prefer to hire those like a bus which is big enough to accommodate our family of five. Again, we are not sure if there are such RV here but we saw numerous when we were in the US.

Looking forward to our trip to Sydney but not sure when it will materialised! >.<

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