Monday, July 15, 2013

The Minions Craze!

I guessed by now most people knows what are the Minions are all about.The are cute but they can make people turns ugly too!

Not until recently when they screened the Despicable 2 in the cinema have I heard about this particular cartoon. Probably the first one was not so successful hence their popularity was low. Well, we could be too busy to notice!

Anyhoo, due to McD is selling the toys in their Happy Meal, some gullible asses in Singapore are showing yet another ugly side of the country. They bought Happy Meals by trolley load but not because they wanted to eat but just for the Minion toys that comes with it! They just abandon those food after taking the toys!

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These cuties are selling here in Melbourne/Australia too but luckily we do not have nutties like in Singapore or Malaysia... At least we don't have to queue like a mile long to buy a Happy Meal!

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