Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking for a keyboard

Our boy has finally started his keyboard lessons in school. Though he is allowed to practice in school after his lessons, we did thought of getting a keyboard for him to practice at home.

We have yet to go look around and was wondering if we should even consider getting a second hand unit since we are unsure if he will like the lessons in the long run. However, we will check in the next two weeks if we should get one. A friend told us we should get a mid range one since our boy is just a beginner.

If he is good in the future, I guess there are more gadgets to invest in. For now we'll probably get a second hand or a new keyboard but not the classic rockman amplifier at guitar center. The later can wait.

Reading novels again

It has been a looooooooooong while since I read any novels. I used to read a lot during my teens and twenties but has stopped after getting married. Then the other day some friends shared some online books and I downloaded them to read on my iPhone.

I have to say it was damn addictive once I got hooked onto the story line! Has been reading the past 2 nights and finally finished some 300+pages within 3 days which is considered very fast! lol

Can't wait to start another once I have the time. :)

Permanent address

In another 3 weeks we'll be getting our keys to our new home! It is such an exciting feeling to finally moving to a home that belongs to us 100%! lol Ok, maybe not 100% since we have loan! 50% belongs to the bank for now...

As I was preparing those Christmas cards (yes, call me kiasu!) I've thought of printing our new address directly onto the envelops but I do not have any printer so can't use the envelope printing online service. Was thinking of printing onto stickers instead for the time being until I get a printer.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Minions Craze!

I guessed by now most people knows what are the Minions are all about.The are cute but they can make people turns ugly too!

Not until recently when they screened the Despicable 2 in the cinema have I heard about this particular cartoon. Probably the first one was not so successful hence their popularity was low. Well, we could be too busy to notice!

Anyhoo, due to McD is selling the toys in their Happy Meal, some gullible asses in Singapore are showing yet another ugly side of the country. They bought Happy Meals by trolley load but not because they wanted to eat but just for the Minion toys that comes with it! They just abandon those food after taking the toys!

Photo credit here
These cuties are selling here in Melbourne/Australia too but luckily we do not have nutties like in Singapore or Malaysia... At least we don't have to queue like a mile long to buy a Happy Meal!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting it ready early!

Though we are still 6 months away to Christmas, it is actually not too early to prepare all those greetings cards! Yes, no joke but I thought we should prepare early this year since the next few months will be really busy for us since we will be moving house.

I have already came out with a few ideas and instead of buying the cards from the shops, I'll do postcard printing online instead for this year. It will cut down some work for me since I don't have to prepare the cards and slot them into the envelopes. Going to keep it simple!

Marble benchtop for our kitchen

We have decided to put marble for our benchtop as it is more durable and of course, looks better. We have gone to Ikea and other independent shops to inquire on the cost and thought it was not that costly to have one done.

Went to one shop today and they said they can get it done within 2-3 days. Instead of removing the old benchtop, they will just lay the marble piece on top. This will lessen the job and time as well and the current structure is stronger to hold the marble piece.

We are getting really excited and hope to get our keys soon! :)