Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally it feels like autumn!

After a record breaking of having 9 hot days of above 30C we finally got our cool change last Wednesday! Boy, am I so relieved!!! Really dislike the hot weather which is worst than when we were back in Malaysia.
At least there will be rain but here is like a big oven the entire day. Even at night the heat remained and we have to go to bed at 30C!

Well, so glad it is cooler now and we can look forward to winter... hoping to go to the mountain for some snow! The kids will be thrilled :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why is not Autumn yet?

Autumn officially started last week but till now we are still experiencing very summery weather. The past few days has been so hot... hitting 35C at least without much cool changes at all! The coldest we get is about 17C on some mornings.

Due to the super duper hot weather, I have not been wearing socks and that actually not a good thing as the humidity here is low making it extremely dry. My soles are starting to crack and I think I have corns on my feet too. *sigh* I might have to get some shoe pads to cushion them before they get worse. Can feel pain when I walk at times...

Can't wait for the cold weather to be here so I can put on my socks and my sneakers which can protect my feet from getting dry...

Free SUB for my Birthday

Never know I'll get free stuff on my birthday until I log in to my email. Luckily I did that else I would have missed it! Yes, I got a FREE lunch from SUBWAY Australia! How nice is that???!! Thought it was only a 6" Sub but it came with a drink which can cost up to $10!

Happened I already cooked and ate lunch that day but decided to go pick it up after picking my boy from school. Itelyu, my kids were thrilled! :)

Had a teriyaki chicken Sub with orange juice... YUM~

Thanks to Subway!

Well, if you would love to get a free Sub on your birthday, remember to LIKE their Facebook page! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tools shopping

After moving to this bigger house, hubby has been tools shopping quite a bit as he can do so much more handy work now compared to when we were staying at the townhouse. I think he enjoyed doing all those DIY stuff as he is quite a handyman.

His latest purchases are some gardening tools (he is really into gardening now!!!) as we as some other tools for doing some of his DIY stuff. Not sure if he is looking to get any of those spring loaded knives since the one he has is a little blunt.

Well, will leave all these hardware stuff to him for now since I can't or don't have the time to do any DIY myself.

Chinese New Year 2013 - year of the Snake

Gosh! Chinese New Year came and gone in a flash!

Can't believe how time flies! We celebrated our second Chinese New Year in Melbourne without much fanfare... it was just like any other weekend for us though we attended a few gatherings with friends.

On the eve, we joined some Malaysians forum members for a reunion dinner gathering in the park and on the first day of Chinese New Year we were invited by our friend to his open home where he cooked a storm of satay and other local delicacies.

We managed to visit the Chinese New Year celebration in Box Hill and Glen Waverly this year and the kids had load of fun.

Hopefully when our baby is bigger next year we can enjoy more of the activities.