Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Festival with Jazz Festival in the Park

Spoke to my aunt in Perth the other day and she asked me when I'll be visiting again? I can't really tell her since I am not keen to travel far with my baby as she can't go for long rides so not going to think about flying for now! I hate it when my kids cry during flight as people will give us those killer stares!

I do hope to visit her and her family in the future and the best time to go to Perth is Spring as there are lots of stuff going on there. Would love to bring my kids to the Spring Festival over ar Kings Park where there are lots of activities for everyone. The last time we were there, they have Jazz Festival in one of the park and lots of people just had picnic there to enjoy the music and the beautiful weather.

Not sure if those musicians are students or professionals but it was so nice to enjoy live bands playing. Probably I can check out the next time and see if they use those fender jaguar at Musician's Friend. Maybe from that I can tell... perhaps?

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