Monday, January 7, 2013

Pool or without pool?

Now that all the festivities are over, it is about time we start our house hunting again.

Has been checking the realestate site for houses but nothing new and interesting are listed yet. Most on the list we are not keen. However, I posed a question to hubby a few days back asking him if he will consider a house with a pool?

Personally, I would not want a pool as I hate the maintenance part. Firstly, it is a requirement to keep the pool fenced up since we have young kids. Secondly, how often will we use the pool? Only for summer since the other 3 seasons can be so cold. Then we must install something like intellichlor to keep the pool clean.

There are a few houses with pool which are pretty nice but the pool is in question. Hubby said we can close it if I don't like it but that will cost money too rite?

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