Saturday, January 12, 2013

China Bar Signature Buffet, Burwood

I would not say we like buffets very much but we love trying them out if we found an interesting one around. The first buffet I went to was to China Bar in Burwood a few months ago with some friends when they had the buy 2 get one free promotion. It was not that bad as I only need to pay $20 and the food was quite good... maybe it was my first time? :P

So, as hubby is still having his summer break I told him he should take the opportunity to try during weekday since it is less expensive compared to weekend or the dinner menu. From Monday to Friday they are charging $30 per pax for lunch for adults and kids from 4-12 years old has to pay 70% of the adult's price which I find a little too much as kids within the age of 4 to 8 don't eat that much. Our son only had a few pieces of the roast pork and some dim sum besides the desserts. Luckily they did not charge our 2 years old girl as she hardly eat anything besides the desserts... which she only had a spoon of this and that only.

They have quite good selection of food and it is non-halal since pork is served. In fact the most popular dish is the roasted pork. I love it simply because they did it really good with the crackling and stuff so it was fresh and crispy. They have an extensive dessert bar and the kids just went crazy! lol

Here are some of my serving of food...

I am like the kids, attracted by the huge varieties offered in their dessert bar! I can't resist all those cute bite size petit four so I had a few servings of that! I think I tried at least 60% of them! lol

If you are in Melbourne and not sure what to eat... you can try this... though I must say their service is so-so only... the staff are very snobbish!!!! In fact, they don't pick up the phone even when we called a numbers of time to make reservation so ended up we have to do it online.

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