Monday, January 7, 2013

Chicken Curry Laksa @ Straits of Malacca, Glen Waverly

We seldom eat out unless we are out shopping the whole day then we'll eat out. So far, we only found a few places that worth return to and found many which are pretty disappointing. Not only the food taste awful but pricey too.

During one of our outings to the city, we had our dinner at this Malaysian restaurant chain, Straits of Malacca. They serve regular Malaysian cuisines and we had some of their value meals that day but hubby spotted someone having Hokkie Mee and we decided to try it on another day when we were in Glen Waverly.

Hubby had the Hokkien Mee whereas I ordered their Chicken Curry Laksa...

I must say for $10.80 a bowl, it was quite a disappointment. It don't taste that fantastic and the presentation was not even enticing. At least the one I had at Laksa King tasted slightly better. Can you see how bland it was??? Only have some shredded chicken, a few slices of fish cakes, 2 pieces of taupok, 2 pieces of egg plant and a few strings of long beans. I would definitely not going to order this again. I think the premix I had taste 10 times better! :P

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