Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Festival with Jazz Festival in the Park

Spoke to my aunt in Perth the other day and she asked me when I'll be visiting again? I can't really tell her since I am not keen to travel far with my baby as she can't go for long rides so not going to think about flying for now! I hate it when my kids cry during flight as people will give us those killer stares!

I do hope to visit her and her family in the future and the best time to go to Perth is Spring as there are lots of stuff going on there. Would love to bring my kids to the Spring Festival over ar Kings Park where there are lots of activities for everyone. The last time we were there, they have Jazz Festival in one of the park and lots of people just had picnic there to enjoy the music and the beautiful weather.

Not sure if those musicians are students or professionals but it was so nice to enjoy live bands playing. Probably I can check out the next time and see if they use those fender jaguar at Musician's Friend. Maybe from that I can tell... perhaps?

China Bar Signature Buffet, Burwood

I would not say we like buffets very much but we love trying them out if we found an interesting one around. The first buffet I went to was to China Bar in Burwood a few months ago with some friends when they had the buy 2 get one free promotion. It was not that bad as I only need to pay $20 and the food was quite good... maybe it was my first time? :P

So, as hubby is still having his summer break I told him he should take the opportunity to try during weekday since it is less expensive compared to weekend or the dinner menu. From Monday to Friday they are charging $30 per pax for lunch for adults and kids from 4-12 years old has to pay 70% of the adult's price which I find a little too much as kids within the age of 4 to 8 don't eat that much. Our son only had a few pieces of the roast pork and some dim sum besides the desserts. Luckily they did not charge our 2 years old girl as she hardly eat anything besides the desserts... which she only had a spoon of this and that only.

They have quite good selection of food and it is non-halal since pork is served. In fact the most popular dish is the roasted pork. I love it simply because they did it really good with the crackling and stuff so it was fresh and crispy. They have an extensive dessert bar and the kids just went crazy! lol

Here are some of my serving of food...

I am like the kids, attracted by the huge varieties offered in their dessert bar! I can't resist all those cute bite size petit four so I had a few servings of that! I think I tried at least 60% of them! lol

If you are in Melbourne and not sure what to eat... you can try this... though I must say their service is so-so only... the staff are very snobbish!!!! In fact, they don't pick up the phone even when we called a numbers of time to make reservation so ended up we have to do it online.

I am no financial buff

Ok, when it comes to financial stuff I am totally clueless! Hubby was lamenting to me that he has to pay the car insurance again as both our cars are up for renewals. *sigh* Times passes too quickly!

When he touches on money matters he will go into deep lenght but I am not a money concious person so I don't really know what is going on. My job is to take care of the kids and plan my marketing... I don't do budget as well but rather keep track of discounts and good bargains :P

So, don't talk finances with me. All these insurance and annuity stuff... I am totally lost! Well, if I really want to learn more about insurance I'll just Google it and I can learn about annuity from Thank God for Internet! hehehe

My chili plant is fruiting again!

My friend gave me a very beautiful chili plant last year after we moved to our first rental house. It was fruiting heavily and we had very good harvest for almost 3 months but everything don't seems to be right when spring approached. It was looking haggard and I thought it might dies off in the beginning of summer when we moved to the current place.

But a few days ago I discovered it has fruited!!!!

Saw many flower buds on the plant and hopefully I will have good harvest this autumn :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Upgrading my PC

Lately I found that my PC took a longer time to boot up and sometimes it will not connect to the Internet automatically. Not too sure what is happening. Hate it when things like these happens. Luckily hubby is around so he said need to do Disk defrag which I won't know how to do.

He spent quite a bit of time meddling around and am glad the PC is working like normal again except the Internet connection which could be the ISP's problems... or whatever... I have no clue! Waiting for the day when I can upgrade my PC so I won't have all these problems knocking at me so often!

Anyway, I am happy as long as I can go online and get my stuff done :)

Lunch in Springvale

Today marks the last day for hubby's summer break and he will go back to work again next Monday. Since it is a weekday he said we should not waste it and brought us out for lunch and do some groceries shopping.

Initially I had wanted to have some snack and drink my favorite sugar cane juice but changed my mind as I know my kids will get rotten and not eat their lunch if they see my juice. We ended up in Hoa Tran again as hubby likes their steamed chicken rice.

For a change, I ordered their pork chop with broken rice which tasted quite nice! My kids liked the shredded pork which is kinda unique. It was not that expensive and very filling too (shared it with my two kids!). Might order again next time. :)

They sell guitars too!

Today the temperature hit the 40s again so after our lunch at Springvale, we proceed to HomeMaker Centre to chillax in Ikea while the kids had some fun in Smaland. After the kids were done, we decided to check the other shops out and went to Big Buys.

Now, there are two Big Buys in HomeMaker Centre. One is solely for baby and kid stuff and the other is for camping, home and music. You won't believe it that they even sell drum sets! Besides that they have a good selection of guitars too! I am not sure if they have ibanez since I was not really looking out for the brands they carry.

When I have the time will slowly check out all the stuff they have there...

Chilling in Ikea again...

It is another HOT HOT day in Melbourne again! Today the fire ban is on high alert too and if anyone found setting up fire they will get prosecuted!

Since we do not have anything else to do so we just pop by Ikea and let the kids have fun in Smaland while hubby and I go and have a cup of coffee and some snacks. When we left around 4+pm the temperature has dropped to high 20s which is so much cooler...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Watching the ochestra

On Christmas eve, we spent the night watching Chrsitmas carole on TV. There were a few programs and there was one which was in the Sydney Opera House if I'm not mistaken.

This is the first time my eldest boy watching an orchestra and when he saw the big violin, he asked me what kind of instrument is that??? I told him it is a cello and to my surpise, he said he likes it very much! He was very curious about the instrument and asked where he can see and touch one?

Maybe it is a good time I bring him to the musical instruments shop and introduce him to the various musical instruments. Maybe I can show him those excellent Cellos at WWBW too. :)

Wood fire pizza @ Colombo, Balwyn

Last Saturday we went to pay a visit to one of hubby's ex-colleague who is staying in Balwyn. After spending some time in his place they invited us for dinner at this Italian family restaurant where according to him has one of the better pizzas and risotto.

Colombo is situated along Whitehorse Road in Balwyn. We ordered 2 large pizza, a risotto and a lasagne...

Though the pizzas were baked in wood fire oven, I found it a little too dry and lack of cheese. I like my pizzas filled with really gooey mozzarella cheese. However, the risotto was pretty yummy and not too strong for me. Like the fresh seafood and the sauce.

The service was pretty good so it is worth checking out if you are around Balwyn!

When to buy what?

What I've learned from most of my friends here is to buy what are on sale and keep for next year. When it is end of summer, buy all the summer stuff and when end of winter, buy all the winter stuff!

We planned to go skiing when our baby is about 3 so I told hubby to look out for the Black Diamond Cayenne Gloves when it is on sale end of this winter since he has missed the sale last winter. He is afrid of cold so he needs to really get bundle up if we are up in the snow mountain!

I so miss the snow and can't wait to go skiing!!

Another bargain buy!

Now that my hubby is still on summer break, I can go to the vege market at the near by mall in the evening around closing time to grab the 50% off bargains. Though most of the good stuff are no longer available but depending on the items, we can get quite fresh stuff.

These are what I got yesterday...

I only spent $12.20 for all the above! I only picked all those are on 50% discount. Was lucky I went a little early so still managed to get those red seedless grapes which are sooooo sweet!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pool or without pool?

Now that all the festivities are over, it is about time we start our house hunting again.

Has been checking the realestate site for houses but nothing new and interesting are listed yet. Most on the list we are not keen. However, I posed a question to hubby a few days back asking him if he will consider a house with a pool?

Personally, I would not want a pool as I hate the maintenance part. Firstly, it is a requirement to keep the pool fenced up since we have young kids. Secondly, how often will we use the pool? Only for summer since the other 3 seasons can be so cold. Then we must install something like intellichlor to keep the pool clean.

There are a few houses with pool which are pretty nice but the pool is in question. Hubby said we can close it if I don't like it but that will cost money too rite?

Chicken Curry Laksa @ Straits of Malacca, Glen Waverly

We seldom eat out unless we are out shopping the whole day then we'll eat out. So far, we only found a few places that worth return to and found many which are pretty disappointing. Not only the food taste awful but pricey too.

During one of our outings to the city, we had our dinner at this Malaysian restaurant chain, Straits of Malacca. They serve regular Malaysian cuisines and we had some of their value meals that day but hubby spotted someone having Hokkie Mee and we decided to try it on another day when we were in Glen Waverly.

Hubby had the Hokkien Mee whereas I ordered their Chicken Curry Laksa...

I must say for $10.80 a bowl, it was quite a disappointment. It don't taste that fantastic and the presentation was not even enticing. At least the one I had at Laksa King tasted slightly better. Can you see how bland it was??? Only have some shredded chicken, a few slices of fish cakes, 2 pieces of taupok, 2 pieces of egg plant and a few strings of long beans. I would definitely not going to order this again. I think the premix I had taste 10 times better! :P

Now is Stock Take Sale!

After the Boxing Day Sale, it is now the Stock Take Sale. Looks like there will be lots of sales going on. The only thing is, when are we going to get 'sales' money to go for all these mega sales????

All the sales are really tempting me eash time I go to the malls. In fact we'll be going to the mall tomorrow as hubby wanted to check out some stuff he has been eyeying. I know I can't resist and will sure try to grab a few items myself. I am hoping for bella notte bedding sale but don't know if there will be any.

Well, will have to go and check it out!

Curry Laksa @ Laksa King, Flemington

Last week, hubby brought us down to Flemington to try the curry laksa sold at Laksa King. According to him, the laksa there got very good reviews so he said I should go try it out.

I ordered their seafood laksa which came with a few mid sized prawns, 2 pieces of taupok, a few slices of fish cakes, some clams and a big piece of egg plant. The cost - $9.80 a bowl.

My verdict? Well, all I can say is that the premix I used at home tasted as good if not better. :P

Home improvement

Since we are still renting, we can't really do much to the rented house though we desperately needed some steel shelving in the garage to keep some of our junks. It is a real mess in there with things stacked on one another. Too bad we are not allowed to do any home improvement.

Hubby is not too bothered now since it is not our own place but I hate seeing the mess in there. Also, it is summer and our dear friends the spiders are having a mega party there laying hundreds of eggs! I shudder each time I see those baby spiders running around the corners of the walls! eeekkks!!

Boxing Day Sale

As last year was our first time celebrating Christmas in Melbourne, we decided to check the Boxing Day Sale out at Chadstone not knowing that they were opened at 5am on Boxing Day! We went around 10+ in the morning and got stuck in the traffic jam along the freeway!

We then decided to detour and used another road to get there but we got stuck as well! Ended up we go stuck again in the parking lot and decided to call off our plan and went to Ikea instead.

Never know that it is so crazy here :P

We'll be more prepared this year! heheheh

My hair is falling!!

Not sure if this is post par tum hair lost or what but I discovered that my hair is falling at a high rate! Each morning when I brush it with a comb, I will sure to get at least 20-30 hair follicles tangled on the comb.

I am wondering if the shampoo and conditional I am using is the cause of the rapid hair lost? A friend told me to stop what I am using and change to something more natural like magick botanicals products. She could be right.

Will go check the products out soon as I really hate seeing all my hair follicles spreading on the bathroom floor.

Huge R2E2

This summer we really enjoy to the fullest with all the yummy and juicy fruits here in Australia. We just love all those gigantic R2E2 mangoes on sale now. Sometimes can go as low as $1.50 a kilo for those mid sized ones. A few times I managed to score a few at $1.50 each for those huge ones during the shop's closing...

So huge rite???? They are sooooooo juicy and my kids love them so much! Slurp~*

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good motivation

I really like some of the motivational exercises here practiced by the schools as well as employers. My boy who is attending elementary school often gets 'awards' given either by his class teacher or the school to motivate him to work harder.

Almost every month he will receive an award for some of the good work he has done. The last one he gotten was the Principle Award which was one of the top awards given out to students. We are so proud of him though we did not really know what he has done to deserve the award! Lousy parents huh??? :P

Well, I hope he will continue to be motivated throughout his life and hopefully he will get more employee of the month plaque when he is in the working world!

Best time to shop

Do you know when is the best time to shop for all the perishable goods? When they are about to close for the day! hehehe

Since hubby is on long summer break, I can go to the nearby mall in the evening when it is about closing time as the vegetables market there will clear all their stuff an hour to closing. Most of the fresh food will be slashed to 50% off so it is the best time to get some bargain.

Last week I scored all these at 50% off...

I think I paid less than $25 for all those in the photo... good bargain eh? :)

Nurses can be hip too!

Most people associate nurses as the ladies in white working in the hospital... period. Well, back in the olden days, most nurses only don their white uniforms but not anymore. In this century, nurses can look just as hip as those cover models! Their uniforms are no longer the same old boring white but rather colorful and in many different cuttings!

I came across some nurses who put on those baby phat scrubs that don't look like the boring white nursing uniform at all! They are so stylish that you could mistake it for some trendy fashion line! There are so many designs and colors to choose from too. Even I wished I am a nurse so I can put on some of those! :P

Gearing up for Chinese New Year

Besides going out the past few days, I've been busy baking as well. Baked some really yummy pineapple tarts which I gave some to hubby's friend and another friend of mine.

Since the mood is there, I decided to bake a batch of really nutty and fruity chocolate chips cookies too...

Hopefully right before Chinese New Year, I'll still have the mood to bake again!

The BIG 4!

In a couples of weeks I'll hit the BIG 4! O_o

What have I achieved so far? I really don't know! lol
Well, I have a great family with a loving hubby and 3 lovely kids... though they can be terrible little monsters sometimes but they really complete me :)

So, will there be any celebration? I don't know yet. My boy told me he will make a card for me but insist that I don't see how he did it and should be kept a secret! Kids... there just so cute aren't they?

I am not hoping for another diamond ring from hubby but rather I hope we can go for a nice dinner together. We'll see...

Happy 2013!

Can't believe it that we are already at the end of first week of 2013!

Hubby is still on summer break so we have been out most of the days either for shopping, sight seeing and visiting friends. The weather is rather hot but luckily it alternate between some cooler days.

Hopefully the weather will improves a little as my baby don't quite like the heat as her skin will flares up when she is feeling hot.