Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing Day Sale

I was so geared up for Boxing Day Sale this year that I woke up so early and arrived at the mall before 8am! We were late last year and was caught up in the horrible traffic jam at the freeway and the shopping mall. This year I went alone to the mall nearby our house. I was hoping to get a tall Christmas tree but was disappointed that none were in sight! Found some in Myers but they were too expensive. :(

Then some friends told me to shop online instead. So, I started browsing around and found a few bargains but hubby said we don't need such big tree :( Well, will stick with my tiny tree for now...

Also, I was hoping to get a few other things since everywhere is having massive mark down. Hopefully I can get the beyerdynamic microphones at Musicians Friend for our new Karaoke set.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Free Public Transport on Christmas Day in Melbourne/Victoria

This year, we  went to the city on Christmas Day again. It was our 2nd time doing that. Why? All because we get free public transport on Christmas Day! It is a fun way to entertain the kids and it is not heavy on the pocket too! Public transports here is pretty expensive so if we were to take the whole family out with the train/tram/bus rides it can cost a fortune!

The only problem is the crappy weather during this period of the year. It was sooooooo hot that the kids cried to leave. They hated the endless walking around >.< So, after just 4 hours zooming around the city on trams, we called it a day.

Probably we'll do it again next year but we'll see....

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Good break

Since my son is on the year end break, he is really taking his break seriously! lol He has been spending most of his days watching TV, playing the Ipad and PC and practically do nothing until his dad barked at him for being such a lazy bum! lol

So, the past few days he has to complete some extra worksheets before he is allowed to play with the Ipad. Even that, he is not giving his 100% as his mind kept drifting away...

Anyway, I am going to drag him out one of these days to shop for his keyboard so he can do some practices before the school reopen. At the same time, I am going to look for a saxophone strap for a cousin since I am visiting the music stores.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

This is our second year celebrating Christmas in Melbourne. Can't believe how time flies! There has been so much happening in the short 2 years but am glad everything has been going smoothly. Can't thank God enough for looking over us and blessed us in so many ways!

I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014! May all of you have another bountiful year ahead!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Two minds

My boy is doing keyboard lessons now but his BFF is considering taking up guitar lessons and so my boy asked me if he can take up guitar lessons too?? Though I don't really mind but the schedule will definitely clash and not to mention the expensive course fees too.

He is performing well in his lessons so far and I thought that once a person has a grip on how to read musical notes, they can try their hands on other instruments. I guessed it will not be that tough. If he can pick up guitar on his own, I don't mind getting him the best slide guitar at musicians friend to support his interest.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes in the new school term.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Done with birthdays and now is Christmas

Year end is the worst time for the pockets! As we have 2 kids born both in Nov and Dec, we have to get them their birthday presents so close to Christmas. And there is just so much spending going on.

How nice if my Christmas tree will grow money :)

Completed 2 terms of music class

The school term is coming to an end in 2 weeks time and our boy has successfully completed two terms of his keyboard lessons in the school. Since we have yet to get him a keyboard at home so we are unable to tell if he really did perform well. However, we received his report from his music class teacher that is he doing really well.

We hope to shop for a keyboard for him during the holiday. We are not sure if she should get a brand new or a secondhand at this point. However we are not going to invest more than $500 for it until he is at a higher level. And of course we won't be getting any exciting genelec 8030a at the moment but we can't say in a few years time!

Crappy summer weather in Melbourne!

On Monday it hit 36C here in Melbourne and today it dropped to 16C! And mind you, it is supposed to be summer now! It was raining cats and dogs during school pick up time which is really crazy!

Can you imagine it is actually snowing in the Alps here during summer???

News from The Age...
"Snow is falling on the Alps as Victoria shivers through its coldest December day since Christmas 2006.
"It's snowing up there at the moment," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Efron said.
"There's probably been around 5 centimetres and we could see another five or 10 for the rest of the day."
All the major peaks – Hotham, Baw Baw, Buller, Falls Creek – have had falls, said Mr Efron. The snow has fallen down to 1100 metres.
AdvertisementMt Buller reached minus 1.5 degrees at 8.51am on Thursday morning and the other peaks have also experienced sub-zero chill, he said.
Even the Grampians may have had a touch of sleet. "It's been down to 0.2 degrees there so they could have had some flurries."
Mr Efron said that snow falls in December were "not that uncommon", occurring every three or four years on average.
Melbourne, reached 16.8 degrees at 12.45pm – the coldest day since Christmas Day 2006, which got to 14.5 degrees, said Mr Efron.
Not surprisingly, it snowed on that day as well.
There have also been heavy falls of rain in recent days, with the Alps bearing the brunt.
Mt Buller has had 93 millimetres and Mt Hotham 83. Nearby Strathbogie has had 76. Mt Dandenong has had 37 and Mildura 38.
"Easily exceeding the December average in one day," according to Mr Efron.
Melbourne had 16.8 millimetres of rain in the 48 hours prior to 9am on Thursday.
Friday will reach 20 degrees in Melbourne with showers clearing.
The weekend will be warm – sunny and 27 degrees on Saturday, 29 degrees with a shower or two on Sunday.
Monday to Wednesday will be in the low 20s with a shower or two.

I don't really mind the cold weather which is much better than the hot weather but I am having the whole flu package now so life is certainly not very good :(

Sunday, December 1, 2013

He asked for a pet

Some of my son's friends have pets and after a few occasions, my son started asking for a pet too! It is not that I am against rearing little animals at home but I do not want to be the one end up doing the cleaning and what's not! I knew of many kids who have pets will only play with them but leave the cleaning to their parents!

I told my son that if he ever get a pet he will have have to care for it entirely as I do not have the time to do that for him! hehehe What I can do is probably buy the feeds for the little furry thing from :P

3 more weeks of school!

Can't believe it that year 2013 is coming to an end! With just 3 weeks left for school and the kids will be home for the long summer break... 6 weeks of screaming kids! *yikes*

Though the hubby will be on long leave but we have not planned anything so far. Since there are quite a bit to do around the house we'll probably do day trips instead of short getaway. Well, which ever, I still have to 'work'... that's the role of a SAHM!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fire place

Christmas is just a month away!!!

Christmas tree was set up 2 weeks ago, albeit a very simple one since I have no idea how to decorate one as I've never had a Christmas tree before. It is so bare as I bought only a few decorative... which I'll need to get more to make it look more decent!

We do not have any fire place where we can hang the stockings on those mantel shelves too. Therefore, I need to look for a place for that. I don't intend to put up the mistletoe since hubby is not keen to nail anything on the wall.

Though we are not Christians but the atmosphere is certainly getting to us. Kids are excited nonetheless!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween and we have decided to let the kids go about the neighbourhood for trick or treating. It was a really fun time for them as they enjoyed getting a full bag of candies that can last for a year! lol

Here are their bags...

Actually Halloween is an American thing but I guessed due to over commercialization of the event it has reaches far and wide and everyone is treating it as a celebration. Well, it is definitely a fun time for the kids here! :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moving to his own room

Now that we have moved in to our new home, our son can't wait to sleep in his own room. We have yet to set up his room so for the time being he is still sleeping with his little sister. Hubby needs to fix up the bed and get him a study table too.

Our son is also into all the boy's toys especially scooters and skateboards but we have yet to get him any as we are not sure if he can handle these toys. He has a hand-me-down scooters now but hardly plays with it as the wheels were not that smooth. He is hoping that we will get him a new one or get him a pennyboard or a skateboard instead. We'll probably have to install a skateboard wall mount for him too else his sisters will play with it!

Kids love Sipah

If your kids hate drinking milk, you might want to try getting some Sipah Flavored Milk straws for them. My kids love them to bits and they can finish a big cup of milk each time.

Besides the regular chocolate flavor, there are so many other flavors available. I think both my elder kids love the cookie & cream the most...

However, these are only available in Australia for now :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Year end shopping

Honestly, I would love to have some ME time to do my shopping but my baby has been extremely clingy the past weeks since she was weaned off from the boobs. Not sure why she behaved that way? She seems to be more clingy than before. She can't even take her eyes off me especially when we are out shopping! She even screamed when her brother or sister push her stroller! @@

Luckily I can shop online now... else I am sure to be so pressed with time. It is difficult to bring the whole jing gang out to shop and will definitely end up not getting anything!

I hope hubby will get me some jewelry this year as it has been a while he gave me any :P Just found out that Reeds sells bulova and it might be something that might suit me. heh! Well, I don't really mind what he wanna give me... it is the thoughts that count :)

Bush fire in NSW and it is rainy in Victoria

We are in the same continent but as weird as it can get, it is so hot in one state and can be so wet in another! Some areas in NSW are experiencing the worst bush fire ever in spring this year where many properties are gutted away.

However, it is so wet here in Victoria. We have been having rains for the past 2 days and it feels just like winter on some nights too. In fact I am still wearing my winter clothing now.

Just hope the hot and dry weather in NSW will improve in the next few days and the fire can be put off soon. So sad to see folks in NSW have to fight with the ranging bush fire across the state.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Minor paint job and etc...

Hubby and a relative has been doing some paint job in our new place the past weeks and so far they only managed to paint about 60% of the house. As we are moving in next weekend, we hope to complete the paint job before end of next week. Not too good to do painting while the kids are running about.

Then we have to do a lot of other minor stuff after moving in. Hubby wanted to replace the old mail box with a new one and thought of having our house no. engraved with some patterns. Checked some really nice stuff over at and thought of getting from them.

Maybe moved in first then decide...

Crappy spring weather

The weather has been really crappy the past week and all my laundry are taking so long to dry! I do not have any dryer so I tried leaving the clothes under the ducted heater vent but some hidden pieces on the clothe lines are not getting the heat so they are still damp.

The weather forecast predicted the rain will only ease off on Sunday. I hope I don't have to wash so much for the next few days else really have no place to hang them!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking for cheap airfare

In another 5 months we will be in Melbourne for 2 years. We did thought of going back to Penang for summer holiday as next year CNY falls just before the new school term. However, hubby's company will be shutting down from Christmas till the 2nd week of Jan and he has no choice but to use up his annual leaves for that.

We will probably plan to fly back during winter if our schedule permits but will have to see if we can score any cheap airfares. Since we are not students, we can use the student travel agency to get our tickets else we will definitely save loads! It is not cheap for a family of 5 to fly...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spring is here!

In another few days it will be Spring!

The cold weather is slowly moving out and we can feel the warmer weather now. At least the sun is out more from this week onwards. Not that I am happy about it since I prefer colder weather but it is good to dries up those loads of laundry!

Love to see those pretty wild flowers blooming along the roads... there are so many different species from those growing on our lawn.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A trip to Sydney

We have yet to plan a trip to Sydney as we felt that our youngest is too young to go for a long ride. We we were to drive from Melbourne to Sydney, it will take approximately 12 hours of non stop driving which is very taxing on the driver, aka my hubby. :P If we ever decide to drive up, we'll probably stop mid way and over night. However, the thought of wasting 2x2 days on the road is kind of a waste.

Therefore, we also thought of flying up if we can secure some cheap airfare. If that is the case, we might need to hire a car from a car rental company. And since we have two kids who still require car seats, we are wondering if we should bring our own or just get them from the car rental company. Previously we enquired before from one company that it charges $8 for each seat which can be rather costly if we take two. For that we thought we should wait for the younger kids to be older before we embark on this journey!

Anyway, we are keeping a few options open before deciding which is the best  choice. Hubby did thought about hiring a RV instead so the kids can have some fun travelling on one but we are not getting those that hooked up onto our car. Instead we would prefer to hire those like a bus which is big enough to accommodate our family of five. Again, we are not sure if there are such RV here but we saw numerous when we were in the US.

Looking forward to our trip to Sydney but not sure when it will materialised! >.<

Master Chef Australia 2013

Can't believe Master Chef Australia 2013 is already at its final week this week! Can't remember when it started but it felt like just recently... how time flies!

Today, Christina got booted out making the other 4 participants in the top 4. I think the show will get more exciting this week as we will know who will get the title. :P So looking forward to see the final fight!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting more toys for the girls

Last night my elder girl in a moment of fury hit her baby sister with a Lego block because baby sister snatched it from her. My elder girl is at the stage of attention seeking so she'll do just about anything to get our attention and it was a heartbreaking moment to see this... luckily it missed baby's eye but there was a deep cut (from the corner of the block) on baby's upper cheek.

For that we decided to keep the whole box of baby Lego blocks as they deem too dangerous for the moment. I'll have to go shop for more baby friendly toys for them to play until baby is older. Intend to get some dolls as well as some musical instruments. Hopefully I can save on electronic drum sets at musicians friend which I intend to get.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently on a novels chase

In the last week I was so hooked on reading novels after some friends shared some links to online books. I downloaded some of them and started to read and has been so addicted since! I used to read a lot during my free time before I got married and has not been into any book since then.

It was good to be back as I really enjoy some juicy stories to perks me me up :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking for a keyboard

Our boy has finally started his keyboard lessons in school. Though he is allowed to practice in school after his lessons, we did thought of getting a keyboard for him to practice at home.

We have yet to go look around and was wondering if we should even consider getting a second hand unit since we are unsure if he will like the lessons in the long run. However, we will check in the next two weeks if we should get one. A friend told us we should get a mid range one since our boy is just a beginner.

If he is good in the future, I guess there are more gadgets to invest in. For now we'll probably get a second hand or a new keyboard but not the classic rockman amplifier at guitar center. The later can wait.

Reading novels again

It has been a looooooooooong while since I read any novels. I used to read a lot during my teens and twenties but has stopped after getting married. Then the other day some friends shared some online books and I downloaded them to read on my iPhone.

I have to say it was damn addictive once I got hooked onto the story line! Has been reading the past 2 nights and finally finished some 300+pages within 3 days which is considered very fast! lol

Can't wait to start another once I have the time. :)

Permanent address

In another 3 weeks we'll be getting our keys to our new home! It is such an exciting feeling to finally moving to a home that belongs to us 100%! lol Ok, maybe not 100% since we have loan! 50% belongs to the bank for now...

As I was preparing those Christmas cards (yes, call me kiasu!) I've thought of printing our new address directly onto the envelops but I do not have any printer so can't use the envelope printing online service. Was thinking of printing onto stickers instead for the time being until I get a printer.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Minions Craze!

I guessed by now most people knows what are the Minions are all about.The are cute but they can make people turns ugly too!

Not until recently when they screened the Despicable 2 in the cinema have I heard about this particular cartoon. Probably the first one was not so successful hence their popularity was low. Well, we could be too busy to notice!

Anyhoo, due to McD is selling the toys in their Happy Meal, some gullible asses in Singapore are showing yet another ugly side of the country. They bought Happy Meals by trolley load but not because they wanted to eat but just for the Minion toys that comes with it! They just abandon those food after taking the toys!

Photo credit here
These cuties are selling here in Melbourne/Australia too but luckily we do not have nutties like in Singapore or Malaysia... At least we don't have to queue like a mile long to buy a Happy Meal!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting it ready early!

Though we are still 6 months away to Christmas, it is actually not too early to prepare all those greetings cards! Yes, no joke but I thought we should prepare early this year since the next few months will be really busy for us since we will be moving house.

I have already came out with a few ideas and instead of buying the cards from the shops, I'll do postcard printing online instead for this year. It will cut down some work for me since I don't have to prepare the cards and slot them into the envelopes. Going to keep it simple!

Marble benchtop for our kitchen

We have decided to put marble for our benchtop as it is more durable and of course, looks better. We have gone to Ikea and other independent shops to inquire on the cost and thought it was not that costly to have one done.

Went to one shop today and they said they can get it done within 2-3 days. Instead of removing the old benchtop, they will just lay the marble piece on top. This will lessen the job and time as well and the current structure is stronger to hold the marble piece.

We are getting really excited and hope to get our keys soon! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learning music

None of us are really into music now except for our son. We had agreed to let him take up keyboard lesssons when he starts Term 3 in 2 weeks time. Hopefully he will enjoy the lessons and learn the fun side of notes reading :) The lessons are pretty short as it depending on the number of pax in the class. If there are ore than 5 students then they will get 30 mins of lesson each week else they will get only 20 mins if it is less than 3 pax.

Anyway, it is not that expensive so will just let him gain some ideas how to play the keyboard in a proper manner. He is still far away of going professional but I do not discount that he won't some day! :P For all we know he will even buy a cool universal audio at musicians friend in the near future!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ginger is the New Gold!

I could not believe that there is actually a shortage of old ginger this season! I went to many Asian Grocers and many do not have stock. They only have young ginger which cost $15 a kilo! Then lest week I went to Springvale and managed to find some old ginger and they are priced at a staggering $35 a kilo!!! What a rip off!!! I am sooooo sooooo glad I had my confinement during the same time last year! Old ginger was selling at $8.99 a kilo then... phew~

I have to pay almost $4 for these bits...

Jonathan Saragoss

Are you looking for a brand consultant for your products or services? Well, with the Internet age, we can get just about any brand consultant to do the job for us without having to sacrifice on the high cost even if they are on the other side of the globe!

One of such consultant is Jonathan Saragossi, who specialises in branding, designs and positioning. They have an impressive portfolio which ranges from building a web site to web designing as well as designing mobile apps.

If you are looking for someone to work on these, Jonathan Saragoss is the one to go for!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rosemary flowers

I've not planted any herbs before until we moved to Melbourne. My first herb plant was a potted basil but it hardly thrive until I transferred it onto the ground. It was quite demoralising as I can't even keep a potted herb plant alive even it required so little care. :P

Then I saw some rosemary plants when we visited Bunnings and decided to get a pot to try my luck. Since it is meant for outdoor, it managed to survive with very little care and was surprised to see these pretty flowers blooming...

Don't they looked pretty??? They are actually very tiny and has the shape of orchids which surprises me actually. I just loved the soft lilac color...

Buying a house is not an easy task!

We have inspected closed to 150 properties at least but has yet to decide which property we will buy. It is an extremely daunting task to buy a resale home as the location and floor plan don;t always go in sync. Sometimes we like the location but the floor plan of the house sucks and vice versa.

Though we have some sort shortlisted a few of the properties we are still unable to decide. Personally, I wish I could do background checks on why the owners wanted to sell their properties like those background checks at but I know it can't be done.

I just hope when we do finally decide, the house we have chosen is the best one... *sigh*

Monday, May 13, 2013

How much sugar you take???

I got this image from one of the posts shared by a friend in Facebook...

It made me ponder on how much sugar I ingest a day and started feeling rather guilty when looking at this photo. Especially when I bring the kids to have Hungry Jack or Maccas where meals comes with a regular drink which can be refilled! The kids love all those juices and they are damn cheap here which always tempt me to get... just bought 3 x 2.4 Litres of Berri Juices! :P

Ok... will ration them out slowly so we don't over consume those deadly sugar!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A guitar collector

A few weeks back we went to inspect a house and the current owner is a guitar collector. He has some really cool looking electric guitars hung on the walls around the house. My son is so in awe looking at those guitars that he almost went to play with some of them but luckily I stopped him!

I am not too sure which brand they are. They do look like the yamaha np31 at guitar center but I am not certain since I am not into guitars. However, they do look really cool around the house, just like Hard Rock Cafes where you see such beautiful guitars hanging on the walls.

Brighton Beach

If you ever go to Melbourne, one of the places that you should go for photo taking is Brighton Beach which is situated at St Kilda. Those colorful beach huts is sure to make a really nice photo!

You can get there by Metro or driving. However, parking can be a little pricey... $4 for an hour. Well, if you just wanted to take a few shots of photos then it is ok... won't take longer than an hour :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Outdoor fun

The weather has improved tremendously the past few days with temperature hoovering from the 14C to 24C which is so perfect for outdoor activities. Though it may be showers on and off at least we don't have to deal with extreme heat like the previous few weeks. The kids are so excited that they can now enjoy more outdoor activities.

We wanted to plan for a picnic over the Eater holiday but everything has to be cancelled as hubby fell sick unexpectedly which saw him almost got admitted to the hospital. The kids had packed their north face bookbags with stuff they wanted to bring along but sadly we can't go since daddy was sick but promised them we will go another time.

Luckily everything is fine now and we brought the kids out this morning for some play at the playground which they were happy about.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally it feels like autumn!

After a record breaking of having 9 hot days of above 30C we finally got our cool change last Wednesday! Boy, am I so relieved!!! Really dislike the hot weather which is worst than when we were back in Malaysia.
At least there will be rain but here is like a big oven the entire day. Even at night the heat remained and we have to go to bed at 30C!

Well, so glad it is cooler now and we can look forward to winter... hoping to go to the mountain for some snow! The kids will be thrilled :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why is not Autumn yet?

Autumn officially started last week but till now we are still experiencing very summery weather. The past few days has been so hot... hitting 35C at least without much cool changes at all! The coldest we get is about 17C on some mornings.

Due to the super duper hot weather, I have not been wearing socks and that actually not a good thing as the humidity here is low making it extremely dry. My soles are starting to crack and I think I have corns on my feet too. *sigh* I might have to get some shoe pads to cushion them before they get worse. Can feel pain when I walk at times...

Can't wait for the cold weather to be here so I can put on my socks and my sneakers which can protect my feet from getting dry...

Free SUB for my Birthday

Never know I'll get free stuff on my birthday until I log in to my email. Luckily I did that else I would have missed it! Yes, I got a FREE lunch from SUBWAY Australia! How nice is that???!! Thought it was only a 6" Sub but it came with a drink which can cost up to $10!

Happened I already cooked and ate lunch that day but decided to go pick it up after picking my boy from school. Itelyu, my kids were thrilled! :)

Had a teriyaki chicken Sub with orange juice... YUM~

Thanks to Subway!

Well, if you would love to get a free Sub on your birthday, remember to LIKE their Facebook page! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tools shopping

After moving to this bigger house, hubby has been tools shopping quite a bit as he can do so much more handy work now compared to when we were staying at the townhouse. I think he enjoyed doing all those DIY stuff as he is quite a handyman.

His latest purchases are some gardening tools (he is really into gardening now!!!) as we as some other tools for doing some of his DIY stuff. Not sure if he is looking to get any of those spring loaded knives since the one he has is a little blunt.

Well, will leave all these hardware stuff to him for now since I can't or don't have the time to do any DIY myself.

Chinese New Year 2013 - year of the Snake

Gosh! Chinese New Year came and gone in a flash!

Can't believe how time flies! We celebrated our second Chinese New Year in Melbourne without much fanfare... it was just like any other weekend for us though we attended a few gatherings with friends.

On the eve, we joined some Malaysians forum members for a reunion dinner gathering in the park and on the first day of Chinese New Year we were invited by our friend to his open home where he cooked a storm of satay and other local delicacies.

We managed to visit the Chinese New Year celebration in Box Hill and Glen Waverly this year and the kids had load of fun.

Hopefully when our baby is bigger next year we can enjoy more of the activities. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Festival with Jazz Festival in the Park

Spoke to my aunt in Perth the other day and she asked me when I'll be visiting again? I can't really tell her since I am not keen to travel far with my baby as she can't go for long rides so not going to think about flying for now! I hate it when my kids cry during flight as people will give us those killer stares!

I do hope to visit her and her family in the future and the best time to go to Perth is Spring as there are lots of stuff going on there. Would love to bring my kids to the Spring Festival over ar Kings Park where there are lots of activities for everyone. The last time we were there, they have Jazz Festival in one of the park and lots of people just had picnic there to enjoy the music and the beautiful weather.

Not sure if those musicians are students or professionals but it was so nice to enjoy live bands playing. Probably I can check out the next time and see if they use those fender jaguar at Musician's Friend. Maybe from that I can tell... perhaps?

China Bar Signature Buffet, Burwood

I would not say we like buffets very much but we love trying them out if we found an interesting one around. The first buffet I went to was to China Bar in Burwood a few months ago with some friends when they had the buy 2 get one free promotion. It was not that bad as I only need to pay $20 and the food was quite good... maybe it was my first time? :P

So, as hubby is still having his summer break I told him he should take the opportunity to try during weekday since it is less expensive compared to weekend or the dinner menu. From Monday to Friday they are charging $30 per pax for lunch for adults and kids from 4-12 years old has to pay 70% of the adult's price which I find a little too much as kids within the age of 4 to 8 don't eat that much. Our son only had a few pieces of the roast pork and some dim sum besides the desserts. Luckily they did not charge our 2 years old girl as she hardly eat anything besides the desserts... which she only had a spoon of this and that only.

They have quite good selection of food and it is non-halal since pork is served. In fact the most popular dish is the roasted pork. I love it simply because they did it really good with the crackling and stuff so it was fresh and crispy. They have an extensive dessert bar and the kids just went crazy! lol

Here are some of my serving of food...

I am like the kids, attracted by the huge varieties offered in their dessert bar! I can't resist all those cute bite size petit four so I had a few servings of that! I think I tried at least 60% of them! lol

If you are in Melbourne and not sure what to eat... you can try this... though I must say their service is so-so only... the staff are very snobbish!!!! In fact, they don't pick up the phone even when we called a numbers of time to make reservation so ended up we have to do it online.

I am no financial buff

Ok, when it comes to financial stuff I am totally clueless! Hubby was lamenting to me that he has to pay the car insurance again as both our cars are up for renewals. *sigh* Times passes too quickly!

When he touches on money matters he will go into deep lenght but I am not a money concious person so I don't really know what is going on. My job is to take care of the kids and plan my marketing... I don't do budget as well but rather keep track of discounts and good bargains :P

So, don't talk finances with me. All these insurance and annuity stuff... I am totally lost! Well, if I really want to learn more about insurance I'll just Google it and I can learn about annuity from Thank God for Internet! hehehe

My chili plant is fruiting again!

My friend gave me a very beautiful chili plant last year after we moved to our first rental house. It was fruiting heavily and we had very good harvest for almost 3 months but everything don't seems to be right when spring approached. It was looking haggard and I thought it might dies off in the beginning of summer when we moved to the current place.

But a few days ago I discovered it has fruited!!!!

Saw many flower buds on the plant and hopefully I will have good harvest this autumn :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Upgrading my PC

Lately I found that my PC took a longer time to boot up and sometimes it will not connect to the Internet automatically. Not too sure what is happening. Hate it when things like these happens. Luckily hubby is around so he said need to do Disk defrag which I won't know how to do.

He spent quite a bit of time meddling around and am glad the PC is working like normal again except the Internet connection which could be the ISP's problems... or whatever... I have no clue! Waiting for the day when I can upgrade my PC so I won't have all these problems knocking at me so often!

Anyway, I am happy as long as I can go online and get my stuff done :)

Lunch in Springvale

Today marks the last day for hubby's summer break and he will go back to work again next Monday. Since it is a weekday he said we should not waste it and brought us out for lunch and do some groceries shopping.

Initially I had wanted to have some snack and drink my favorite sugar cane juice but changed my mind as I know my kids will get rotten and not eat their lunch if they see my juice. We ended up in Hoa Tran again as hubby likes their steamed chicken rice.

For a change, I ordered their pork chop with broken rice which tasted quite nice! My kids liked the shredded pork which is kinda unique. It was not that expensive and very filling too (shared it with my two kids!). Might order again next time. :)

They sell guitars too!

Today the temperature hit the 40s again so after our lunch at Springvale, we proceed to HomeMaker Centre to chillax in Ikea while the kids had some fun in Smaland. After the kids were done, we decided to check the other shops out and went to Big Buys.

Now, there are two Big Buys in HomeMaker Centre. One is solely for baby and kid stuff and the other is for camping, home and music. You won't believe it that they even sell drum sets! Besides that they have a good selection of guitars too! I am not sure if they have ibanez since I was not really looking out for the brands they carry.

When I have the time will slowly check out all the stuff they have there...

Chilling in Ikea again...

It is another HOT HOT day in Melbourne again! Today the fire ban is on high alert too and if anyone found setting up fire they will get prosecuted!

Since we do not have anything else to do so we just pop by Ikea and let the kids have fun in Smaland while hubby and I go and have a cup of coffee and some snacks. When we left around 4+pm the temperature has dropped to high 20s which is so much cooler...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Watching the ochestra

On Christmas eve, we spent the night watching Chrsitmas carole on TV. There were a few programs and there was one which was in the Sydney Opera House if I'm not mistaken.

This is the first time my eldest boy watching an orchestra and when he saw the big violin, he asked me what kind of instrument is that??? I told him it is a cello and to my surpise, he said he likes it very much! He was very curious about the instrument and asked where he can see and touch one?

Maybe it is a good time I bring him to the musical instruments shop and introduce him to the various musical instruments. Maybe I can show him those excellent Cellos at WWBW too. :)

Wood fire pizza @ Colombo, Balwyn

Last Saturday we went to pay a visit to one of hubby's ex-colleague who is staying in Balwyn. After spending some time in his place they invited us for dinner at this Italian family restaurant where according to him has one of the better pizzas and risotto.

Colombo is situated along Whitehorse Road in Balwyn. We ordered 2 large pizza, a risotto and a lasagne...

Though the pizzas were baked in wood fire oven, I found it a little too dry and lack of cheese. I like my pizzas filled with really gooey mozzarella cheese. However, the risotto was pretty yummy and not too strong for me. Like the fresh seafood and the sauce.

The service was pretty good so it is worth checking out if you are around Balwyn!

When to buy what?

What I've learned from most of my friends here is to buy what are on sale and keep for next year. When it is end of summer, buy all the summer stuff and when end of winter, buy all the winter stuff!

We planned to go skiing when our baby is about 3 so I told hubby to look out for the Black Diamond Cayenne Gloves when it is on sale end of this winter since he has missed the sale last winter. He is afrid of cold so he needs to really get bundle up if we are up in the snow mountain!

I so miss the snow and can't wait to go skiing!!

Another bargain buy!

Now that my hubby is still on summer break, I can go to the vege market at the near by mall in the evening around closing time to grab the 50% off bargains. Though most of the good stuff are no longer available but depending on the items, we can get quite fresh stuff.

These are what I got yesterday...

I only spent $12.20 for all the above! I only picked all those are on 50% discount. Was lucky I went a little early so still managed to get those red seedless grapes which are sooooo sweet!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pool or without pool?

Now that all the festivities are over, it is about time we start our house hunting again.

Has been checking the realestate site for houses but nothing new and interesting are listed yet. Most on the list we are not keen. However, I posed a question to hubby a few days back asking him if he will consider a house with a pool?

Personally, I would not want a pool as I hate the maintenance part. Firstly, it is a requirement to keep the pool fenced up since we have young kids. Secondly, how often will we use the pool? Only for summer since the other 3 seasons can be so cold. Then we must install something like intellichlor to keep the pool clean.

There are a few houses with pool which are pretty nice but the pool is in question. Hubby said we can close it if I don't like it but that will cost money too rite?

Chicken Curry Laksa @ Straits of Malacca, Glen Waverly

We seldom eat out unless we are out shopping the whole day then we'll eat out. So far, we only found a few places that worth return to and found many which are pretty disappointing. Not only the food taste awful but pricey too.

During one of our outings to the city, we had our dinner at this Malaysian restaurant chain, Straits of Malacca. They serve regular Malaysian cuisines and we had some of their value meals that day but hubby spotted someone having Hokkie Mee and we decided to try it on another day when we were in Glen Waverly.

Hubby had the Hokkien Mee whereas I ordered their Chicken Curry Laksa...

I must say for $10.80 a bowl, it was quite a disappointment. It don't taste that fantastic and the presentation was not even enticing. At least the one I had at Laksa King tasted slightly better. Can you see how bland it was??? Only have some shredded chicken, a few slices of fish cakes, 2 pieces of taupok, 2 pieces of egg plant and a few strings of long beans. I would definitely not going to order this again. I think the premix I had taste 10 times better! :P

Now is Stock Take Sale!

After the Boxing Day Sale, it is now the Stock Take Sale. Looks like there will be lots of sales going on. The only thing is, when are we going to get 'sales' money to go for all these mega sales????

All the sales are really tempting me eash time I go to the malls. In fact we'll be going to the mall tomorrow as hubby wanted to check out some stuff he has been eyeying. I know I can't resist and will sure try to grab a few items myself. I am hoping for bella notte bedding sale but don't know if there will be any.

Well, will have to go and check it out!

Curry Laksa @ Laksa King, Flemington

Last week, hubby brought us down to Flemington to try the curry laksa sold at Laksa King. According to him, the laksa there got very good reviews so he said I should go try it out.

I ordered their seafood laksa which came with a few mid sized prawns, 2 pieces of taupok, a few slices of fish cakes, some clams and a big piece of egg plant. The cost - $9.80 a bowl.

My verdict? Well, all I can say is that the premix I used at home tasted as good if not better. :P

Home improvement

Since we are still renting, we can't really do much to the rented house though we desperately needed some steel shelving in the garage to keep some of our junks. It is a real mess in there with things stacked on one another. Too bad we are not allowed to do any home improvement.

Hubby is not too bothered now since it is not our own place but I hate seeing the mess in there. Also, it is summer and our dear friends the spiders are having a mega party there laying hundreds of eggs! I shudder each time I see those baby spiders running around the corners of the walls! eeekkks!!

Boxing Day Sale

As last year was our first time celebrating Christmas in Melbourne, we decided to check the Boxing Day Sale out at Chadstone not knowing that they were opened at 5am on Boxing Day! We went around 10+ in the morning and got stuck in the traffic jam along the freeway!

We then decided to detour and used another road to get there but we got stuck as well! Ended up we go stuck again in the parking lot and decided to call off our plan and went to Ikea instead.

Never know that it is so crazy here :P

We'll be more prepared this year! heheheh

My hair is falling!!

Not sure if this is post par tum hair lost or what but I discovered that my hair is falling at a high rate! Each morning when I brush it with a comb, I will sure to get at least 20-30 hair follicles tangled on the comb.

I am wondering if the shampoo and conditional I am using is the cause of the rapid hair lost? A friend told me to stop what I am using and change to something more natural like magick botanicals products. She could be right.

Will go check the products out soon as I really hate seeing all my hair follicles spreading on the bathroom floor.

Huge R2E2

This summer we really enjoy to the fullest with all the yummy and juicy fruits here in Australia. We just love all those gigantic R2E2 mangoes on sale now. Sometimes can go as low as $1.50 a kilo for those mid sized ones. A few times I managed to score a few at $1.50 each for those huge ones during the shop's closing...

So huge rite???? They are sooooooo juicy and my kids love them so much! Slurp~*

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good motivation

I really like some of the motivational exercises here practiced by the schools as well as employers. My boy who is attending elementary school often gets 'awards' given either by his class teacher or the school to motivate him to work harder.

Almost every month he will receive an award for some of the good work he has done. The last one he gotten was the Principle Award which was one of the top awards given out to students. We are so proud of him though we did not really know what he has done to deserve the award! Lousy parents huh??? :P

Well, I hope he will continue to be motivated throughout his life and hopefully he will get more employee of the month plaque when he is in the working world!

Best time to shop

Do you know when is the best time to shop for all the perishable goods? When they are about to close for the day! hehehe

Since hubby is on long summer break, I can go to the nearby mall in the evening when it is about closing time as the vegetables market there will clear all their stuff an hour to closing. Most of the fresh food will be slashed to 50% off so it is the best time to get some bargain.

Last week I scored all these at 50% off...

I think I paid less than $25 for all those in the photo... good bargain eh? :)

Nurses can be hip too!

Most people associate nurses as the ladies in white working in the hospital... period. Well, back in the olden days, most nurses only don their white uniforms but not anymore. In this century, nurses can look just as hip as those cover models! Their uniforms are no longer the same old boring white but rather colorful and in many different cuttings!

I came across some nurses who put on those baby phat scrubs that don't look like the boring white nursing uniform at all! They are so stylish that you could mistake it for some trendy fashion line! There are so many designs and colors to choose from too. Even I wished I am a nurse so I can put on some of those! :P

Gearing up for Chinese New Year

Besides going out the past few days, I've been busy baking as well. Baked some really yummy pineapple tarts which I gave some to hubby's friend and another friend of mine.

Since the mood is there, I decided to bake a batch of really nutty and fruity chocolate chips cookies too...

Hopefully right before Chinese New Year, I'll still have the mood to bake again!

The BIG 4!

In a couples of weeks I'll hit the BIG 4! O_o

What have I achieved so far? I really don't know! lol
Well, I have a great family with a loving hubby and 3 lovely kids... though they can be terrible little monsters sometimes but they really complete me :)

So, will there be any celebration? I don't know yet. My boy told me he will make a card for me but insist that I don't see how he did it and should be kept a secret! Kids... there just so cute aren't they?

I am not hoping for another diamond ring from hubby but rather I hope we can go for a nice dinner together. We'll see...

Happy 2013!

Can't believe it that we are already at the end of first week of 2013!

Hubby is still on summer break so we have been out most of the days either for shopping, sight seeing and visiting friends. The weather is rather hot but luckily it alternate between some cooler days.

Hopefully the weather will improves a little as my baby don't quite like the heat as her skin will flares up when she is feeling hot.