Friday, December 28, 2012

Yum Cha @ Gold Leaf Springvale

Each time we have guests from Malaysia, we will bring them yum-cha at Gold Leaf in Springvale as it is the nearest to our place and after eating we can go check the shops out around the area. So far we find that their food is quite okie.

Recently, hubby's aunt and family came to visit us and we brought them there for lunch. This is the first time we ordered their suckling pig which cost $16.50/plate. Well, kinda pricey for a few slices of meat but they were really crispy so it worth it I guessed... :P

Their wu-kok (deep fried yam dumpling) were nice as well. Very crispy skin with very moist filling. I like their cheong-fun (steamed rice rolls) with prawns filling. I can eat the entire plate on one go each time. Unfortunately they don't have the chili oil to go with them like those we have in Malaysia.

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