Friday, December 28, 2012

Pipi picking at Venus Bay

A fried suggested to us to go pipi (a type of clam) picking at Venus Bay as it is the season now. However, we have to check the tide so chances of getting more pipi is higher as we can walk further out to the sea. Before you can go pick them, you must first apply for a recreation 'fishing licence' from the Department of Primary Industries. Each licence cost $6 for adults which you pay online. Kids are free.

It took us about 1.5 hours to reach Venus Bay from our place which is slightly further than Philip Island. It was a long drive especially we have a cranky baby on board! However, we love the scenic drive as our GPS actually brought us to the country side.

What we never expect was that it got so windy that day!!! Everything was flying away and it was sooooooo COLD! Ended up we have to picnic next to our cars instead of on the beach! >o<

I have to spend 3/4 of the time in the car with my baby as we did not prepared for the cold weather!

Nevertheless, the older kids had heaps of fun....

According to my hubby it was pretty easy to dig the pipi as they are usually on the surface of the beach. What you need to do is simply scrape away the sand and you'll be able to see one or two on the spot.

As the kids were not good at digging, we only managed to pick 43 pipi in total and they ended up being cooked this way...

They are so fresh so the best way to cook is steam so you could savour their original taste. I just used some ginger slivers, goji berries and some Chinese cooking wine and steam for 7 minutes. YUM!

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