Friday, December 28, 2012

Night snacking

I thought I can stop night snacking since it is summer now but heck NO! My favorite chips seemed to be on sale all the time and I just can't keep those tempattions away! I am beginning to spot a bigger mid-drift now... not only the jelly belly from child births but the sinful insulgence of chips, ice-creams and all the junks which are so easily available here!

Hubby has been complaining (well, he is just the same!) so I thought it is about time I should seriously considering taking up some yoga or other type of exercise to keep those fat away!

Since the post Christmas sale is happening now, I might as well go get some of the material like the mexican blanket and the body suit before signing up for the yoga session. Probably will go this weekend!

And also, STOP all night snacking.... if I can! :P

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