Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turning into a little vainpot!

She is not eveb 3 yet but she has the signs! Yes, my toddler is getting really vain now! She refused to put on pants unless they are new and have pretty flowers on them! She will choose all the dresses and skirts to wear even when the weather is bad!

While we were shopping in the mall, she saw some big hole beads  and told me she wanted to have them to make into bracelets! I can't believe it that she starts so young! :P

In fact, she painted her lips with the highlighter as she thought it was lip stick! *smack forehead*

Then comes the vacuum

Since we are staying in a bigger house now, there are more work to be done as compared to the time when we were staying in the townhouse. After getting the mower, hubby got me a vacuum today! :P

I have been complaining that the carpet gets dirty real quick (probably the dark colored carpet is more visible) that we don't have a choice but to start vacuuming! Used to be lazy last time since the carpeted area is much smaller so I will normally use a brush to brush the dirt out but not here. Too much area to be cleaned!

Will try the beast out once I have the time!

He wanted a guitar

Today is my boy's birthday and just now he told his daddy he wanted a guitar so he can play some songs! Well, to be very honest, a musical instrument is the last thing I wanted him to have at the moment as noise is something I can't have since baby is sensitive to noise!

I told him he can have a guitar and also a akai mpk49 from guitar center when baby grows up a little and not too sensitive to noise. For now, I will prefer him to play quietly... which is impossible since he talks loudly with his sister!

Finally we got a mower

Just two weeks after we have moved in to this house, the grass has grew so much! Probably due to the weather... it is late spring now so it was inevitable that the grass grow faster!

For that, hubby has no choice but to shop for a mower! After researching on the web, he decided to get the Bosch Rotak 37 LI which is battery powered as well as cordless. He got it from Bunnings which was having a sale now. It was $500+ but now selling for $499...

Photo from here

Hubby tried it out over the weekend and was pretty satisfied with the performance except the tedious part where he has to charge the battery a few times before he can complete mowing our lawn! :P

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Selective hearing!

I don't like to nag my kids but they make me do it everyday! There's isn't a single day I do not nag. I nag till so fed up that sometimes I just ignore them totally!

When they play, they fight. Even when I threaten to punish them, they are not even afraid! It is so frustrating especially my baby is sticking to me like a leech! Each time I told the kids to share their toys they will not hear me. They are not deaf but have selective hearing and they do not need any types of hearing aids. What they really need is to hear the sound of the cane! o.O

Don't know how long I'll need to nag! Feeling like an old lady when I nag!! Arrrggghhh!!


Finally we have moved to the new place and unpacked most of our stuff. It was hard work! We just hate moving house!!! Hopefully this will be the final place we rent and we shall move to our own place the next time we move!

The current place is much bigger compared to the previous one so the kids are happy with the extra space. At least they have a play room now!

The only thing I loath is the cleaning! Hubby already complained about how fast the grass are growing!!!