Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy doing school projects

It is already the final term in my son's school and this term he will have another project to complete before the end of the school year. The due date clashed with our house moving date so I have to scramble to help him complete the project before we move.

We conseptualized the ideas and came out with a few items and I am working on the final bits. Once I am done, I will have to print them out as well as to make some soft copies using the duplication services at the near by office supplies shops so the teachers can view the interactive side of the project. Sounds like some very professional project huh? :P

Winter to summer in 2 days!

The weather in Melbourne is really funny! One moment it felt like winter and next you get summer! Only 2 days ago I was complaining that despite it is already mid of spring, we still get cold temperature like in mid winter. Then yesterday it suddenly shot up to almost 30 degree Celsius in a span of just 2 days!

It is so difficult to dress the kids! I have to take off and put on a few different clothing in a day for them!

Today we will hit above 30 degree Celsius again but at night it can plunge all the way to the mid 10th.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Busy packing no shopping!

Had wanted so much to go shopping at the nearby mall as I know every weekend they have lots of activities going on. In fact on most weekends there will be lots of companies doing promotion activities near the marketplace and on some days, there will be free samplings and gifts too!

The last time we got some free promotional hand sanitizer by one of the companies which are very useful as the small packets can be kept in the handbag. We had also got free pizza samplings where big pieces of pizzas were given out to everyone. 

Ikea Springvale is 1

This weekend Ikea Springvale is celebrating it 1st Anniversary with free cake to all Ikea Family members.

We arrived around 9.45am and the cafe was already filled with customers! The Q was super long too! Luckily the line moved fast so we got our breakfast and our cake in less than 20 mins. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The packing begins...

We are on the move again... well, hopefully this will be the last before we move to our real home! I really hate doing all these packing and unpacking! It is so stressful and time consuming! We have engaged a mover and will be using them to transport the big items only. For the smaller items, we will carry our own over the few days so we don't have to actually 'pack' them to make life easier. After all, it is only a few streets away!

I don't even have time to shop for Christmas yet. Probably this year I'll have to buy online and get them shipped directly to save me from the trouble of queueing up in the Post office. Thought of getting some nice  gold chains from SoIcyJewelry.com some close girlfriends as well as my mom. Well, will have to settle the packing first!

Waiting for the new Strawberry Picking Season!

November is just 2 weeks away and the new Strawberry Picking season will start again! Woohooo!!

Our relatives will be visiting us in early December and going to the strawberry farm at Sunny Ridge is one of the itinerary we have lined up! The kids will be thrilled if they knew we will be heading to Sunny Ridge again!

Hopefully this coming season the strawberries will be juicy! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting a rental property in Melbourne

I've never rented a house in Malaysia so can't really comment on how the processes are. I've only rented in Singapore and it was pretty straight forward. You contact the agent and the agent will give you a list of available units and you let him/her know which one you are interested in and go and view the place.

However, things in Australia (or Melbourne to be precise) is slightly different. How they do it is, they will advertise the available houses for lease and a scheduled inspection time. Everyone will go and inspect on the schedule time listed and usually it is only for 10 minutes. If the house is tenanted, you are required to produce a photo ID such as your driver licence. This is to have informations of the interested parties should thefs happens as the tenants will not be around during the inspections. Fair.

The tricky part is after the inspection. You are supposed to fill in a form if your keen to lease the particular property within 5 days of the inspection. The agent will then check all your references (you must have good references else you might not get to lease a property!!!!) and will then get back to you. Previously when the rental market was good, potential tenants will have to bid with a higher price to get the property of their choice instead of the listed price! Also, the rental is based on a weekly basis!

For the past two weeks, I have gone to many inspections as our current landlord has wanted to take back his property and prepare to put it up into the market for sale. Bad timing for us but we don't have a choice! Finally we found one after rejecting one and can't compromise on another. Luckily the house we got is the bigger compared to the other 2 and also cheaper! Hubby was happy that it has 2 covered garage and also a  hydraulic hose at the backyard which we can use to wash our cars. :) Our current place do not have any so you can imagine how 'clean' is our cars! hehe

So glad we can finally settle this unforeseen problem within 2 weeks.