Sunday, September 16, 2012

More inspections!

We went for another round of property inspection again yesterday. Went to a total of 7 houses in within 3 hours! Most of the viewing is 30 minutes only so we have to rush from one place to another as most of them opened on the same time slot.

Out of the 7 houses, only 1 of the houses is worth considering. Some are okie and some were really awful! As some of them are rented properties, these tenants do not upkeep the house and they look like some garbage dump! I really wonder how can they continue living in such environment???!!!

The kids are drawn to houses which have swings at the backyard and there is a house where there was a drum set with hartke musicians friend kept in the garage which attracted my son. He asked if he could stay and play...

Guessed we'll have to continue looking for a better home to come by...

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