Sunday, July 29, 2012

My laptop went dead...

Before moving here, hubby got me a Toshiba Portege laptop. According to him it was one of the top of the range so my expectation was indeed high. However, after using for just 3 months, it went DEAD! Okie, not the entire laptop went dead but the sound card got busted. So, it was a very silent laptop since then! I can't even use it to chat with my parents over Skype... *sigh*

Hubby got the laptop from his supplier. It was not even those laptops on sale type. It was being recommended some more! I suspected it was a faulty unit else it won't be so lousy. Either that or during our flight here, hubby accidentally 'shook' it and the wiring went off or something and it has been beyond repair.

First Christmas in Melbourne

This year we will celebrate our very first Christmas in Melbourne. We are not Christians but I think it would be fun to celebrate like everyone else here do. I told hubby that we should at least get a simple tree for the occasion.

We missed out on the post Christmas sale last year so we might have to find Christmas ornaments on sale somewhere else. Don't want to spend too much on them until we have a proper house of our own.

So looking forward to this year Christmas... I wonder how hot will the temperature here be???!!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chips for AFL

I am not a huge fan of any sporting events so I seldom take note of any except for Olympic or the World Cup. I don't really watch but just wanted to know the scores or who are the winners :P

Here in Australia, AFL or footy is what every Australia is passionate about. And it is the AFL season now with Live sessions on everyday on our local TV channel. The country is so obsess with this game that a chips making company actually produce special flavors for this particular season...

Earlier on I tried another flavor, which was the Hotdog flavor and now the Pie & Sauce flavor. It tasted like the good ole BBQ flavor but with a thinge of ketchup taste.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

He wanted a guitar!

A week before school was out for Term 2 holiday, my boy received another pamphlet from the music academy this time advertising for their guitar classes. The previous one was for their piano classes.

My boy wanted so much to attend but hubby said he is still too young to decide which instrument he should be picking up. He said we should wait for another year or so when our boy is mature enough to decide as we do not want him to learn things half heartedly. 

I hope he'll pick up the good old guitar if he has the interest but not those electronic guitars like the ibanez sr605 but rather the traditional one...

Looking forward to Spring

The kids are definitely looking forward to spring as they have had enough of indoor entertainment and would love to go out to the park for a few runs! We kind of miss Mr Sun a lot as there are hardly any days over the last few weeks we have clear skies.

In anticipating for spring to come, we are going to get ourselves some raybands as well since we intend to visit a few touristy spots during spring and summer.

Can't wait for spring!

The Kiasu Housewife

The Carbon Tax kicked in earlier this month and we are all expecting goods and services to increase their prices soon if they are not already have. That being said, we have to be more frugal in our spending and buy only the necessities.

I don't do that much of budgeting but I do make some calculation when I shop. Good thing about Australia is, most of the major retailers will normally send us their catalogues each week so we can do some planning on what to buy if there are things on special.

Last week, the kiasu-ness (afraid to lose attitude) in me made me do this...

Haha! Yes, buying dish washing liquid in the dozen because it was selling at half price! You may think I'm crazy but things like these don't have any expiry so can have longer shelf life so what the hack rite????!!! After all, we use it everyday.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to check some commercial insurance out for my new business...