Saturday, June 23, 2012

Medication over the counter

The difference between Malaysia and Australia when it comes to seeking medical treatment is purchasing medicines. In Malaysia, each time we go for consultation at the GP, we will be prescribed a list of medications which is included in the cost. However, things are different here in Australia.

In Australia, the GP will only give a prescription by he will never include the medication. We will have to bring the prescriptions to the chemist to purchase whatever we have been prescribed by the GP or if we are just suffering from normal cold or flu, just get any of the over the counter in the chemist. So, there is no particular brands to go for and we will normally go for the generic brands.

I guess for convenience sake, we can purchase our medication from online pharmacies which can be cheaper at times. Like, if you want to get phentermine, you can go to It is convenient and safe.

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