Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Winter Clothing Shopping

The weather is getting unbearable some of the time and I seriously think we should go get ourselves some really good quality and thick jackets! I can't wait till my confinement is over so that I can start shopping for them!

So wanted to bring my parents to check out some of the Wholesale Jackets and look for some great bargains before the winter is here. I am sure the winter sale will be here very soon!

The new extension to the near by mall will open next week so I hope we can get something when we pop by for a visit. Getting really excited as there will be a lot of new shops opening.

Structured Settlement Payments

I've not been in the workforce for so long hence, I have lost touch with almost everything. Hubby has been the only person in our household who are managing our finances so I hardly get myself involved. The kids are keeping me so busy that I hardly have time to learn about anything at all!

Just came across this structured settlement payments information and I managed to read about it and found it to be kinda interesting. We have insurance policies but I guess the structured settlement payments are slightly different and I think I should alert hubby to look into it. Getting claims from insurance can be a real hassle since they have to go through so many channels before getting the claims so this could be the best alternative to get a huge lump sum of cash.