Saturday, April 28, 2012

Have not gone on a bike

I think the last time I gone on a bike was when I was about 3 years old. I can still remember vividly that my dad brought me to the reservoir near my grandma's place and I got myself burnt on the thigh at the bike's exhaust pipe. Since then, mom has not allowed me to go on the bike again.

All my kids have never ridden on one too. In fact, there are lesser people owning motorcycles these days as the prices of cars are so much cheaper now making it so affordable. The only person in our family who still rides a motorbike is my father in law. His is a small CC Honda so there is no motorcycle windshield like those you see on Harleys or any bigger bikes.

Doing Newborn photo myself

Most of my friends who are doing newborn photography are in Malaysia so I have no choice but to do it myself this time for my newborn using my DSLR. Actually, I have yet to master my skill since I do not have the time earlier to fiddle with the camera.

I have only done a few shots but not entirely satisfied with the results. Maybe my baby is still too small and she tends to move each time I lay her down. Also, due to the cold weather, I can't undress her or she'll start to shiver. Poor girl...

Will try again in another week or so when the weather gets better or maybe I'll have to switch on the heater when I do the shooting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our 3rd bundle of joy has arrived!

On the 17th of April, our 3rd bundle of joy arrived. It was a very quick birth just like our second child. Also, this is our very first baby born in Australia so, she is an Australian.

This time I have a total natural birth too as I gave birth in a government hospital where they tried not to have any other medical intervention at all. It was completely different from my previous two deliveries. It was indeed an experience!

Friends have been popping by and gave us gifts. Though they should have just got those baby gift baskets at and got them delivered instead but they said they wanted to see our baby and gave her a cuddle. :)

No more party life

I've just given birth to our 3rd baby last week. That means I'll be in my 'jail' term for another 5 years at least! Friends have been asking me to go partying with them and it really sadden me that I won't be able to do that, that soon!

I so miss those loud music playing on the Vestax at those clubs we used to visit in the past. Those days we could spend the entire night dancing away to all those Retro music! Heh... that show my old age eh?

Anyway, I hope I could have such time again soon if hubby is able to help taking care of our three monkeys while I go and have a good time.

Finally they came!

We have been living here without a proper sofa set for the last 3 months and finally it came after such a long wait! It is so good to have a comfortable sofa to rest on. The reason why the set took so long to arrive is because it has to be sent back to Malaysia to assemble! Yeah, ironic isn't it???

Next, we'll be looking to get something for the backyard. Hubby wanted to have his coffee in al-fresco style. We might want to look at some barn wood furniture this time round. Hubby thought of checking out some of the garage sale to see if he can get some good bargains... 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Strawberry picking @ Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, Melbourne

Autumn is here so we decided if we wanted to go strawberry picking we have to do it soon as the season will close at the end of April! We have been procrastinating as there were just too many things to do during the weekends but we finally made the effort to go for it! This is our second time to Sunny Ridge strawberry farm which is situated in Mornington Peninsula. It is about 30 minutes drive from our place... which is considered as pretty near!

The kids were happy that finally they get to go to the strawberry patch and pick some berries which they love so much! Our little girl just can't resist herself and kept popping the berries she picked into her mouth though it is not advisable to eat any before washing them. It is tough to stop her as she just knew how to do it herself!

To do the self picking, we have to pay $8/adult and $5/child. We were given a punnet to be filled up and we are only allowed to fill up where the cover can be closed else we'll have to pay for an extra punnet.

Beside picking the strawberries, there are other stuff available at the shop such as jams, sauces, ice-creams and etc...

Before we leave, we had some ice-cream which the kids enjoyed tremendously. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and not too cold so it was a great day out for the family!

And here is how to get there...

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gifts buying

I think one of the most difficult task is to buy birthday gifts either for a male or female. Though buying for male is slightly easier (there's nothing much to choose from!!!) but can be a headache at times as these gifts can be rather costly... especially those tech gadgets!

When buying for female, friends or relatives is another big headache as women are more sensitive. Especially buying birthday gifts for women. Items that you choose can mean something else so it is a rather tricking thing! Also, can't be buying the same stuff all the time and got to be really creative in selective the ideal gift!

Enjoy watching Homes & Garden

Though I don't have a green thumb but I enjoy watching gardening programs. Now that we are living in Australia, we get to watch shows like Homes and Garden where the show talk about everything from home improvement to cooking and gardening which is something that I really enjoy!

I've learned a lot of tips for home improvements, cooking and gardening. It is so nice to be able to have some small DIY projects at home with the family. Hubby also learned a lot through the show and he knew now the use of threaded inserts for wood.

Is Yoyo the new toy?

The kids are bored with their current toys. Instead of playing they would rather strew them all over the house! Especially our little girl, she has no interest in playing toys the proper way but loves to be destructive and spoil most of her brother's toys. We bought her some but she never wanted to play with them.

I was contemplating of getting something new that could keep the kids occupied for a longer time... instead of looking at the box the whole day. Should I try getting them some yo yo s?? Our boy may enjoy playing with one but I doubt the girl will... she'll probably smashed something! Hmmm...