Friday, March 23, 2012

Rosebud Pier @ Mornington Peninsular, Victoria

After almost 3 months here, we finally decided to explore further away from our place since the weather is getting cooler. One of the advantage of staying in Melbourne is that we get to experience many different places within a short distance especially if we live around the eastern part of the state.

We went strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge, Mornington Peninsular earlier on and since it was still early and the weather was fantastic, we decided to pop by Rosebud Pier which was just less than 30 minutes drive away. This was our first time there and we love what we saw! The place was just so beautiful!!!

Lets the pictures do the talking...

The beach

There were lots of seaweeds near the shore

The longest jetty we have walked on

Another view of the other side of the beach

At the end of the jetty, lots of mussels sticking on the pier

There were lots of such jellyfish being 'fished' up 

The other end of the jetty

Another view of the jetty from the beach

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It has been 3 months!!!

OMG! I just can't believe how time flies! We have been in Melbourne for 3 months already! Our boy's Term 1 will end next week... that is how fast time has moved!

I can bravely say that we have settled in... more or less. We are enjoying our new life here and the kids are happy with their new environment. Our son said he don't wish to go back to his school in Malaysia as there isn't any playground and sand pit! Kids!!!!

Anyway, I hope I can get more time and my network is faster so I can start posting some of the stuff we have done and places we have visited the past months...

Should start putting on watch again

Ever since I have a mobile photo I have stopped putting on my watch as I tend to rely on my photo to tell the time. I know it is not wise as the batteries on my mobile phone runs out all the time! Also, there are times when I forgot to bring my mobile along and I have to go ask around for time.

I am missing my old faithful, a Tag watch which has a titanium watch bracelet that I got as a birthday pressie from a friend. I have been keeping it for the past 10 years but I think it should still works fine.