Sunday, February 26, 2012

First interview!

After landing here for more than a month, hubby has finally got an interview! This is of course a piece of good news since getting one is not as easy as we first thought! That's the thing about being 'newbies' on this big vast land!

This morning, he even ironed his own shirt and suit and tried them out! Yeah, unlike in Malaysia, the guys have to wear formal suits for interviews! Luckily, the weather forecast mentioned there will be rain else I think he'll probably sweat buckets!

Hubby don't even wear shirts to work last time. He only put on T-shirts. Now that he has to wear formal, I'll probably get him some nice cuff links to go with his shirts and suits.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is summer ending??

The weather has suddenly turned cold the past few days which hoover around 13-15 degree Celsius. Though it is still summer but weather in Melbourne is so erratic which making it tough for us to put on our cloths! Generally, I find it difficult to dress my kids. It can be so cold in the morning and sometimes burning hot in the afternoon.

Both my kids are rather fair so I slapped lots of suntan lotion on them as the heat from the burning sun can be really harmful. When I was younger, I was silly enough to put on spraytan during summer and baked under the sun but I guess the risks are so much greater now that I will try to hide from the sun as much as possible.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loving the check out system here

One of the thing I love about living in Australia is the check out counters at all supermarts and shops. Besides doing normal check outs, it can also give cash out so it is damn convenient especially when you want to save time looking for the ATM machines.

Also, we can do self-checkout in some major stores which make queuing up less stressful. I am not sure what sort of system they are using but it could be Honeywell Barcode Scanner systems for all I know. Just love all these conveniences here!