Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job hunting

We are here for 3 weeks and hubby is getting restless. He said he needed to find a job soon.

Well, we have been spending quite a big deal since our arrival so it kind of hurting the pocket a bit as we are not used to spending and not recouping all the monies we have spent. Thus, the need to find a job soon. It is not easy for him to find jobs in his profession (it takes times since he is kind of specialized).

For now, he do not mind any job. He will even consider jobs in conferencing service if that is available. After all, he has so much experience in marketing services in his previous job.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy summer weather in Melbourne!

Though we are only here for 3 weeks but we have experienced some really crazy summer weather here in Melbourne! It can be as low as 19 degree Celsius one day and the next it rose up to like 38 degree Celsius!!! The morning is usually cold and when it comes to noon time it is roasting!

I only have an indoor thermometer now but will go check out some outdoor thermometers soon so we can know exactly what temperature it is. Fortunately summer is ending soon (another month or so) and we'll be having a more cooling time when April comes.

Sometimes it is frustrating when dressing up the kids on our day out with such crazy weather!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No vacation plans for this year

Since our BIG move and soon the baby's arrival, we won't be planning for any vacations.... not for this year at least as there are just too much for us to handle. With our eldest boy starting 1st grade this year, I can foresee a very busy and challenging year. There are a lot of of adjustments and getting used to to all the new routines.

Probably next year will be a better time for plan for a short trip when my brother and his family come to visit us. May want to try rv loans and let them experience the fun of travelling with RVs. I think my kids and my nephew will enjoy the experience.

The 'Dos' and Don'ts' in a rental house

This is the first time we went into contract for a rented house in Melbourne. There are lots of 'Dos' and Don'ts' that we need to follow. We are not allowed to knock in nails or stick anything onto the wall. Even changing the locks we'll need to inform the agent. Therefore, we are not going to get any decorative switch plate covers for the kids' room.

Hubby even thought of getting the same color paints so he can paint the wall once it is dirty so we will be 'safe' when the agent or the landlord come for a surprise inspection. :P

Greetings from Melbourne!!

YES!!! We are finally here!!!

It has been really hectic since the day we arrived as there were just too many stuff to do and settled. We have to get our house furnish too so imagine the amount of shopping we need to do in within the first week we were here else we can't move in.

So glad that everything has fall into places now and we can say we are ready to start our new life here in this beautiful place filled with clean fresh air!!