Friday, December 28, 2012

End of 2012!

When the thoughts of the year is coming to an end, it will always bring back lots of memories. Can't believe how time has passed. In a few more days it will be 2013! Can't believe that we have stayed here for almost a year already!!!!

There are so many activities to celebrate the new year and we can't decide what we should do. Hubby suggested that we go to the city again for the fire works but I am doubtful if we are fit to go and crash with the crowd!

Heard that there will be lots of music and shows for the the year end party with DJs spinning top numarks on the site. It is going to be a massive event to celebrate the failed Dooms Day. :P

Well... will see how before deciding if we should crash the party... x

Craving for some curry laksa

All because of the kids, we hardly get to eat much spicy food. I will try not to cook spicy food since the kids can't take them. If I cook the mild version it is as good as not having anything spicy at all.

However, when the craving comes, I will just cook to satisfy the cravings. A friend from Sydney sent this pre-mix to me a while ago and finally I cooked it and think it tasted really good!

I am going to buy some more when I go to the Asian grocers later tomorrow. Gonna spice up my life a bit with a bowl of curry!

Year end school disco

A few days before school was out, my son's school hosted a year end disco for all the kids. All grades from Prep to 6th grade attended the disco which was held at the school's gym.

The Prep to Grade 3 kids had the earlier session from 6pm to 7.30pm and those in Grade 4 to Grade 6 attended the later session from 8pm to 10pm. It was such a wild night with loud music blasting from the gym! The DJ had a bass amp which made the entire gym shake in vibration! lol

Anyway, the kids had great fun and it was FOC except they sold food and some gadgets for the party.

Giant R2E2 Mangoes

Love love love summer when seeing all these....

These R2E2 mangoes are gigantic! They are fragant and very juicy too! Managed to grabbed some from the local vege market for $1.50 each after 50% off. Normally they are sold at $2.99 each. The smaller ones are sold at $2.99/kg.

Sometimes they will sell a tray for just $10 (has about 15 mangoes) which is good for making juices or smoothies. Or making these yummy Mango Sago Puddings....

Waiting for the hospital to call

Our baby is having one of the worst case of enzema. Had gone to the doctor at least 3 times diagnosed by 3 different doctors. However, nothing has improved even after applying all the creamed prescribed by them. On our last consultation , we requested to get a referral to the speciallist at the hospital.

It has been 2 weeks and we have yet to receive any calls from the hospital so was wondering if they are closed for Christmas-New Year? It pained my heart to see my baby cry each time her skin itch and flares up.

Had not been to the hospital since I was discharged after my delivery some 8 months ago. The thought of returning reminded me about for medical carts which someone mentioned to me before. Weird thoughts!!

Yum Cha @ Gold Leaf Springvale

Each time we have guests from Malaysia, we will bring them yum-cha at Gold Leaf in Springvale as it is the nearest to our place and after eating we can go check the shops out around the area. So far we find that their food is quite okie.

Recently, hubby's aunt and family came to visit us and we brought them there for lunch. This is the first time we ordered their suckling pig which cost $16.50/plate. Well, kinda pricey for a few slices of meat but they were really crispy so it worth it I guessed... :P

Their wu-kok (deep fried yam dumpling) were nice as well. Very crispy skin with very moist filling. I like their cheong-fun (steamed rice rolls) with prawns filling. I can eat the entire plate on one go each time. Unfortunately they don't have the chili oil to go with them like those we have in Malaysia.

Not going back to M'sia for CNY 2013

Hubby has a long summer break so he won't be able to take any leave for CNY next year so we have decided not to go back to M'sia to celebrate Chinese New Year. After all, we are here for only a year and our baby is still small so not advisable to fly such long hours as she can get really cranky!

For that, hubby won;t be able to get the best cheap cigars for his dad this round. Hopefully we can go back for Chinese New Year 2014 if everything is ok.

I am not so looking forward as I still think our baby is still too young to travel...

Ikea Christmas Feast 2012

This year is our first year celebrating Christmas in Melbourne. Even though I used to study in Perth, I;ve never spend Christmas there as it is always summer holiday where I'll go back to Malaysia. So, it was a very different experience.

A friend prompted me about Ikea's Christmas feast so we decided to go together. We purchased the ticket online which is $10 for Ikea Family card holder. Kids eat free. We went on the 2nd day which was 19 Dec. The place was crowded just like we have expected!

I took this photo at about 7pm which can still see a queue at the counter. The feast started at 5.30pm.

They served mostly the regular Ikea food on top of a few items which catered specially for the occasion...

Well... after this feast I am going to avoid all their food for a while... simply had too much!!! :P

Night snacking

I thought I can stop night snacking since it is summer now but heck NO! My favorite chips seemed to be on sale all the time and I just can't keep those tempattions away! I am beginning to spot a bigger mid-drift now... not only the jelly belly from child births but the sinful insulgence of chips, ice-creams and all the junks which are so easily available here!

Hubby has been complaining (well, he is just the same!) so I thought it is about time I should seriously considering taking up some yoga or other type of exercise to keep those fat away!

Since the post Christmas sale is happening now, I might as well go get some of the material like the mexican blanket and the body suit before signing up for the yoga session. Probably will go this weekend!

And also, STOP all night snacking.... if I can! :P

Pipi picking at Venus Bay

A fried suggested to us to go pipi (a type of clam) picking at Venus Bay as it is the season now. However, we have to check the tide so chances of getting more pipi is higher as we can walk further out to the sea. Before you can go pick them, you must first apply for a recreation 'fishing licence' from the Department of Primary Industries. Each licence cost $6 for adults which you pay online. Kids are free.

It took us about 1.5 hours to reach Venus Bay from our place which is slightly further than Philip Island. It was a long drive especially we have a cranky baby on board! However, we love the scenic drive as our GPS actually brought us to the country side.

What we never expect was that it got so windy that day!!! Everything was flying away and it was sooooooo COLD! Ended up we have to picnic next to our cars instead of on the beach! >o<

I have to spend 3/4 of the time in the car with my baby as we did not prepared for the cold weather!

Nevertheless, the older kids had heaps of fun....

According to my hubby it was pretty easy to dig the pipi as they are usually on the surface of the beach. What you need to do is simply scrape away the sand and you'll be able to see one or two on the spot.

As the kids were not good at digging, we only managed to pick 43 pipi in total and they ended up being cooked this way...

They are so fresh so the best way to cook is steam so you could savour their original taste. I just used some ginger slivers, goji berries and some Chinese cooking wine and steam for 7 minutes. YUM!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Ballet birthday party

I have a very strong feeling that my girl will request for a Ballet Birthday party next year as she really likes wearing the tutu I got her for her recent birthday. In fact I just bought another tutu for her when I saw one on sale last week... just can't resist as it was just too cute!

Well, if she is going to ask for it then I must really start looking for ballet birthday party favors! I know I can make some on my own but if I am out of time, I hope I can get some nice ready made ones!

Cherry picking in Cherry Hill Orchard, Melbourne

The only good thing about summer here in Melbourne is the fruit picking season! This year we went to pick cherries at Cherry Hill Orchard situated at Yarra Valley, or to be specific at Wandin East. It was a short drive (about 40 mins) from our home.

There are so many cherry trees and all of them are filled with cherries! The kids were so happy! It cost $10 for adults and $5 for kids 3-11. You can eat all you while in the farm but everything you've picked and wanted to bring home will be charged $10 a kilo. Fair enough as many just pick and pick for the fun of it but did not purchase the picked cherries.

We had a blast at the farm and it was a great experience for the kids. The cherry picking season is pretty short... only from December through to the 1st week of January so if you wanted to go pick some cherries, then you gotta be fast! :)

For more details check out their website.

Looking for some camping stuff

Now is the best time to buy camping stuff here as we are half way through summer and many of the outdoor goods are on sale. I am looking for a water proof picnic mat and thought I found one at a resonable price but it was not water proof.

Hubby was hoping for patagonia fleece sale here but there was non. Thought can get some when we have guests over during the colder seasons.

Well... maybe we need to look around more...

Extremely SWEET Chocolate cake!

Had one of the sweetest chocolate slice yesterday at Ikea and thought that they might have doubled the amount of sugar in their cakes! Felt pain in my tooth after just one bite!

I will never want to eat this again...

Post Christmas sale at Ikea

Since we can't get into Chadstone yesterday, we decided to go to Ikea since it was nearby. Intend to let the kids have some fun at Smiland but the queue was super long as well! Everywhere is crowded!

However, we are glad we can find parking and hubby managed to get his stuff from some of the stores. He was a happy camper.

We decided to check some of the racks and stands if they were on discounts but sadly, the one we wanted was out of stock :(

Only managed to pick up a tea table and some cloths hangers :)

Boxing Day Sale madness!

Yesterday was our very first Boxing Day in Melbourne and hubby thought we should all go to Chadstone to grab a few bargains but we can't get in all! We used the M1 freeway but saw the jam at the Huntingdale exit so we quickly detour and used Princes Highway but still we can't get in!

Yes, the entire places was jammed up with cars!!! We made it to the parking lot but after a few rounds of searching we decided to call it quit!

Apparently the shops opened at 5am yesterday! We only arrived around 11am so there is no way we can get through the crowd!

Well, next year we will be more prepared! :P

Saturday, December 15, 2012

She asked for a drum!

It was my eldest girl birthday last weekend. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and brought her to the mall to choose her pressie. Initially she saw some dolls and asked if she could buy a doll but I knew she is not a doll person so asked her to choose another.

So happened she saw a drum set and she practially jumped on it and told me she wanted that! I was like 'OMG' not in a million years I am going to get that for her! Knowing she she will bang the drum non stop and wake baby up or the entire neighbourhood up!

Told her she can get any other thing except the drum set for now and I'll let her have any Roland Drums when she grows up. :P


Fruity pops to combat the HOT weather!

Officially, it is summer here and the weather has proved to be SUMMER too! The rising temperature for the past few days were anything less than SUMMER! It was HOT HOT HOT! I think the highest temperature recorded so far is about 41C.

We are lucky we have a double storey house next to us so it actually blocked the sun since the sun set on that direction. However, it is still HOT! 

To combat the heat, I've made some of these icy pops for the kids to enjoy...

More catalogues & flyers during Christmas period

When we were staying at our old place, we hardly get much catalogues or flyers sent to our mailbox. However, at this new place we tend to get so much more from companies we have not even heard of before.

Maybe it is due to the coming Christmas season so more companies are printing flyers to get more sales? Or maybe they get cheap flyer printing at so they can print more and distribute to more places???

Well, whatever it is... we don't lose anything and it is good we get to know more businesses so we can have more selections and choices!

Crowded malls

I normally go shopping at the mall nearby my place after I drop my son in school. Usually when I arrived around 9am, there will be ample parking spaces available near the entrance but to my surprise, almost all spaces were already taken when I arrived at 9.05am!

It seems that everyone were rushing for their Christmas shopping since Christmas is just a week away!

Horse and Pony for hire

We attended a friend's little girl birthday party a while ago where they hired a pony for the occasion. Our son was having so much fun riding the pony and we actually thought of hiring one too for our girl's birthday but decided we'll do that when our baby is older. So that everyone can enjoy!

These horse or pony hire services will include the rental of all the gadgets like helmets, apparels and etc so we do not have to have our own. Unlike the professional equestrians who may need to get their equestrian riding apparel at, we do not required such when hiring these ponies.

Can't wait to have these ponies for my kids' birthday one of these years!

Wacky Melbourne's weather

You just have to believe that we get 4 seasons within a day in Melbourne! It is crazy but it is so so true! You can wake up freezing but by noon time you can feel you're in a tropical country! Then it can rain and the temperature could drop a drastic 10 degree Celsius!

The weather for the past few days were really HOT and today it rained the entire day! It is going to be a thunderous day tomorrow too.

Well, I like the rain more than the HOT sun!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turning into a little vainpot!

She is not eveb 3 yet but she has the signs! Yes, my toddler is getting really vain now! She refused to put on pants unless they are new and have pretty flowers on them! She will choose all the dresses and skirts to wear even when the weather is bad!

While we were shopping in the mall, she saw some big hole beads  and told me she wanted to have them to make into bracelets! I can't believe it that she starts so young! :P

In fact, she painted her lips with the highlighter as she thought it was lip stick! *smack forehead*

Then comes the vacuum

Since we are staying in a bigger house now, there are more work to be done as compared to the time when we were staying in the townhouse. After getting the mower, hubby got me a vacuum today! :P

I have been complaining that the carpet gets dirty real quick (probably the dark colored carpet is more visible) that we don't have a choice but to start vacuuming! Used to be lazy last time since the carpeted area is much smaller so I will normally use a brush to brush the dirt out but not here. Too much area to be cleaned!

Will try the beast out once I have the time!

He wanted a guitar

Today is my boy's birthday and just now he told his daddy he wanted a guitar so he can play some songs! Well, to be very honest, a musical instrument is the last thing I wanted him to have at the moment as noise is something I can't have since baby is sensitive to noise!

I told him he can have a guitar and also a akai mpk49 from guitar center when baby grows up a little and not too sensitive to noise. For now, I will prefer him to play quietly... which is impossible since he talks loudly with his sister!

Finally we got a mower

Just two weeks after we have moved in to this house, the grass has grew so much! Probably due to the weather... it is late spring now so it was inevitable that the grass grow faster!

For that, hubby has no choice but to shop for a mower! After researching on the web, he decided to get the Bosch Rotak 37 LI which is battery powered as well as cordless. He got it from Bunnings which was having a sale now. It was $500+ but now selling for $499...

Photo from here

Hubby tried it out over the weekend and was pretty satisfied with the performance except the tedious part where he has to charge the battery a few times before he can complete mowing our lawn! :P

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Selective hearing!

I don't like to nag my kids but they make me do it everyday! There's isn't a single day I do not nag. I nag till so fed up that sometimes I just ignore them totally!

When they play, they fight. Even when I threaten to punish them, they are not even afraid! It is so frustrating especially my baby is sticking to me like a leech! Each time I told the kids to share their toys they will not hear me. They are not deaf but have selective hearing and they do not need any types of hearing aids. What they really need is to hear the sound of the cane! o.O

Don't know how long I'll need to nag! Feeling like an old lady when I nag!! Arrrggghhh!!


Finally we have moved to the new place and unpacked most of our stuff. It was hard work! We just hate moving house!!! Hopefully this will be the final place we rent and we shall move to our own place the next time we move!

The current place is much bigger compared to the previous one so the kids are happy with the extra space. At least they have a play room now!

The only thing I loath is the cleaning! Hubby already complained about how fast the grass are growing!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy doing school projects

It is already the final term in my son's school and this term he will have another project to complete before the end of the school year. The due date clashed with our house moving date so I have to scramble to help him complete the project before we move.

We conseptualized the ideas and came out with a few items and I am working on the final bits. Once I am done, I will have to print them out as well as to make some soft copies using the duplication services at the near by office supplies shops so the teachers can view the interactive side of the project. Sounds like some very professional project huh? :P

Winter to summer in 2 days!

The weather in Melbourne is really funny! One moment it felt like winter and next you get summer! Only 2 days ago I was complaining that despite it is already mid of spring, we still get cold temperature like in mid winter. Then yesterday it suddenly shot up to almost 30 degree Celsius in a span of just 2 days!

It is so difficult to dress the kids! I have to take off and put on a few different clothing in a day for them!

Today we will hit above 30 degree Celsius again but at night it can plunge all the way to the mid 10th.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Busy packing no shopping!

Had wanted so much to go shopping at the nearby mall as I know every weekend they have lots of activities going on. In fact on most weekends there will be lots of companies doing promotion activities near the marketplace and on some days, there will be free samplings and gifts too!

The last time we got some free promotional hand sanitizer by one of the companies which are very useful as the small packets can be kept in the handbag. We had also got free pizza samplings where big pieces of pizzas were given out to everyone. 

Ikea Springvale is 1

This weekend Ikea Springvale is celebrating it 1st Anniversary with free cake to all Ikea Family members.

We arrived around 9.45am and the cafe was already filled with customers! The Q was super long too! Luckily the line moved fast so we got our breakfast and our cake in less than 20 mins. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The packing begins...

We are on the move again... well, hopefully this will be the last before we move to our real home! I really hate doing all these packing and unpacking! It is so stressful and time consuming! We have engaged a mover and will be using them to transport the big items only. For the smaller items, we will carry our own over the few days so we don't have to actually 'pack' them to make life easier. After all, it is only a few streets away!

I don't even have time to shop for Christmas yet. Probably this year I'll have to buy online and get them shipped directly to save me from the trouble of queueing up in the Post office. Thought of getting some nice  gold chains from some close girlfriends as well as my mom. Well, will have to settle the packing first!

Waiting for the new Strawberry Picking Season!

November is just 2 weeks away and the new Strawberry Picking season will start again! Woohooo!!

Our relatives will be visiting us in early December and going to the strawberry farm at Sunny Ridge is one of the itinerary we have lined up! The kids will be thrilled if they knew we will be heading to Sunny Ridge again!

Hopefully this coming season the strawberries will be juicy! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting a rental property in Melbourne

I've never rented a house in Malaysia so can't really comment on how the processes are. I've only rented in Singapore and it was pretty straight forward. You contact the agent and the agent will give you a list of available units and you let him/her know which one you are interested in and go and view the place.

However, things in Australia (or Melbourne to be precise) is slightly different. How they do it is, they will advertise the available houses for lease and a scheduled inspection time. Everyone will go and inspect on the schedule time listed and usually it is only for 10 minutes. If the house is tenanted, you are required to produce a photo ID such as your driver licence. This is to have informations of the interested parties should thefs happens as the tenants will not be around during the inspections. Fair.

The tricky part is after the inspection. You are supposed to fill in a form if your keen to lease the particular property within 5 days of the inspection. The agent will then check all your references (you must have good references else you might not get to lease a property!!!!) and will then get back to you. Previously when the rental market was good, potential tenants will have to bid with a higher price to get the property of their choice instead of the listed price! Also, the rental is based on a weekly basis!

For the past two weeks, I have gone to many inspections as our current landlord has wanted to take back his property and prepare to put it up into the market for sale. Bad timing for us but we don't have a choice! Finally we found one after rejecting one and can't compromise on another. Luckily the house we got is the bigger compared to the other 2 and also cheaper! Hubby was happy that it has 2 covered garage and also a  hydraulic hose at the backyard which we can use to wash our cars. :) Our current place do not have any so you can imagine how 'clean' is our cars! hehe

So glad we can finally settle this unforeseen problem within 2 weeks.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enjoying Spring in Melbourne

A few weeks back, we brought the Kids to Wilson Botanic Park for a walk. It was the first week of spring and we can see all the lovely flowers blooming around the park.

Here are some shots I took...

More inspections!

We went for another round of property inspection again yesterday. Went to a total of 7 houses in within 3 hours! Most of the viewing is 30 minutes only so we have to rush from one place to another as most of them opened on the same time slot.

Out of the 7 houses, only 1 of the houses is worth considering. Some are okie and some were really awful! As some of them are rented properties, these tenants do not upkeep the house and they look like some garbage dump! I really wonder how can they continue living in such environment???!!!

The kids are drawn to houses which have swings at the backyard and there is a house where there was a drum set with hartke musicians friend kept in the garage which attracted my son. He asked if he could stay and play...

Guessed we'll have to continue looking for a better home to come by...

Myer is coming to town!

This coming Thursday, Myer will opens its door at the nearby mall. I am still contemplating if I should go and join in the opening fun as I will have to bring both my younger kids along with me. However, I am very curious to know what they will have for the opening.... I am hoping to get some freebies of course! hehehe

I am also looking forward to see the kitchen utensil department as well as the home furnishing department. I am hoping to find a good latex mattress for baby as the one she has in her cot is a little soft. Hopefully there will be some opening discounts!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Free stuff!

One thing good about here is when they do those tasting in the malls. They don't stinge like in Malaysia. They want to make sure you fully tasted the products. For example, I got a big bottle of V8 Smoothie after tasting two of their new flavors when they did a promo in the mall near my place.

Back in Malaysia, all we get was a tiny cup to taste and they will never give me a big bottle to bring home! :P

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hurt his wrist!

Last weekend we went for more property inspections. It was indeed a very tiring and tedious job. As most of the sessions clashed with one another, we have to rush from one place to another in lightning speed as the window for the viewing is only 30 minutes.

After all the hard work, we brought the kids to the park to relax and hubby has to hurt his wrist while helping our girl on the swing! It went numb for a while and he said it was really painful as he might has twisted his wrist. Luckily the pain went off after a while so he did not have to spend money getting those thumb spica splints to help with healing.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our first viewing

Last weekend we saw a listing of a house for sale and the timing of the viewing is just nice for us. As every Saturday we are busy with our boy's morning activities and most viewings are around the time when we are occupied so this one was in late afternoon which suited us well.

However, upon reaching the place we are hugely disappointed with the house as it did not look like what it was 'pictured' in the newspaper! The house is so old and smaller than our current unit! Though it has a bigger backyard but it lack a garage! How to put up the racking for all our tools if without a garage???

The price was also a little over for the condition of the house. *sigh* Guess there will be more viewings to do in the next few weeks and months!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An American shop in Melbourne!

Last weekend I was trying to make some waffles using the waffle mix I bought a couple of weeks back. It was my first time trying out this mix so I am not sure how it will turn out. And it was a bad mix (I followed the instructions to the tee) but my waffles stuck to the waffle plates! Even after I glazed the plates with oil they still sticking.

Feeling a little frustrated, I decided to check where I could find some Betty Crocker's Bisquick, the American pancake and waffle mix that we all loved. Went to a forum and saw someone posted about this place...

Apparently they have just landed here in Melbourne and being the only store in Australia! We are so fortunate eh? :P However, the store is still sparsely filled with stock. Probably they have not brought in all the stuff yet so will have to wait for a while before we can get more selections of the stock. The goods are all more expensive than they were selling in the States. The good thing is, you can purchase your favorite American food online too.

I found my Bisquick but it was priced at $9.90 instead of $2 or $3 selling in the States. In Malaysia I can get the same box for RM17+. So it is RM30+ for a box here which is almost double! In the end I got the other brand, Jiffy instead which just as good.

At least now my waffles turned out fine....

USA Foods -
110 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin Victoria 3189
Tel: (03) 9555 0288

A foggy morning

On 31 July, Melbourne experienced one of the most foggiest day this winter...

The photo was taken just outside our house at 9am in the morning. It was also one of the coldest morning at 4 degree Celsius. So so cold! However, it was so sunny in the afternoon!

The beauty of Melbourne! You can get 4 seasons in within a day! :)

Still clueless about Annuity

I am never into any of those financial stuff so I am still clueless about it. Here in Australia, they have Super annuity which is of the same thing... making money with your money kinda stuff. In other places, there is indexed annuity and etc... I am still as clueless as ever over them.

Don't ask me about all these cause I am the last person to ask about financial matters! lol Hubby will be a better candidate to answer all these since he is into financial stuff.

For a home minister, I can tell you more about where you can save on your next shopping! hehehe

Broken luggage

During our flight from Penang to Melbourne early this year, my old faithful luggage finally broke down after serving me for more than 15 years! It was my best luggage thus far as it was really a solid case. I've travelled to many places with it and even lent it to my brother when he went to the States for a convention which he travelled to Hawaii and Japan on the way.

Now, I need to replace this broken luggage if I have to go back to Malaysia. So far I saw those selling at Springvale are of low quality. Maybe I should check out the marmot luggage range from the sport shops instead. Since we'll be travelling light from now on, it is better to carry something light as well!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My laptop went dead...

Before moving here, hubby got me a Toshiba Portege laptop. According to him it was one of the top of the range so my expectation was indeed high. However, after using for just 3 months, it went DEAD! Okie, not the entire laptop went dead but the sound card got busted. So, it was a very silent laptop since then! I can't even use it to chat with my parents over Skype... *sigh*

Hubby got the laptop from his supplier. It was not even those laptops on sale type. It was being recommended some more! I suspected it was a faulty unit else it won't be so lousy. Either that or during our flight here, hubby accidentally 'shook' it and the wiring went off or something and it has been beyond repair.

First Christmas in Melbourne

This year we will celebrate our very first Christmas in Melbourne. We are not Christians but I think it would be fun to celebrate like everyone else here do. I told hubby that we should at least get a simple tree for the occasion.

We missed out on the post Christmas sale last year so we might have to find Christmas ornaments on sale somewhere else. Don't want to spend too much on them until we have a proper house of our own.

So looking forward to this year Christmas... I wonder how hot will the temperature here be???!!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chips for AFL

I am not a huge fan of any sporting events so I seldom take note of any except for Olympic or the World Cup. I don't really watch but just wanted to know the scores or who are the winners :P

Here in Australia, AFL or footy is what every Australia is passionate about. And it is the AFL season now with Live sessions on everyday on our local TV channel. The country is so obsess with this game that a chips making company actually produce special flavors for this particular season...

Earlier on I tried another flavor, which was the Hotdog flavor and now the Pie & Sauce flavor. It tasted like the good ole BBQ flavor but with a thinge of ketchup taste.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

He wanted a guitar!

A week before school was out for Term 2 holiday, my boy received another pamphlet from the music academy this time advertising for their guitar classes. The previous one was for their piano classes.

My boy wanted so much to attend but hubby said he is still too young to decide which instrument he should be picking up. He said we should wait for another year or so when our boy is mature enough to decide as we do not want him to learn things half heartedly. 

I hope he'll pick up the good old guitar if he has the interest but not those electronic guitars like the ibanez sr605 but rather the traditional one...

Looking forward to Spring

The kids are definitely looking forward to spring as they have had enough of indoor entertainment and would love to go out to the park for a few runs! We kind of miss Mr Sun a lot as there are hardly any days over the last few weeks we have clear skies.

In anticipating for spring to come, we are going to get ourselves some raybands as well since we intend to visit a few touristy spots during spring and summer.

Can't wait for spring!

The Kiasu Housewife

The Carbon Tax kicked in earlier this month and we are all expecting goods and services to increase their prices soon if they are not already have. That being said, we have to be more frugal in our spending and buy only the necessities.

I don't do that much of budgeting but I do make some calculation when I shop. Good thing about Australia is, most of the major retailers will normally send us their catalogues each week so we can do some planning on what to buy if there are things on special.

Last week, the kiasu-ness (afraid to lose attitude) in me made me do this...

Haha! Yes, buying dish washing liquid in the dozen because it was selling at half price! You may think I'm crazy but things like these don't have any expiry so can have longer shelf life so what the hack rite????!!! After all, we use it everyday.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to check some commercial insurance out for my new business...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking for gold

Few days ago, Melbourne experienced yet another earthquake that measured at 5.2 at the Richter scale. If I'm not wrong, this is the 3rd or 4th time Melbournians are experiencing earthquake in the last few years. So, what does it indicating??? End of the world??? hahaha

Well, I hope the shifting of the ground might bring along something! Could there be gold which used to be buried deep under and now got pushed upwards???? If there is such thing, probably I'll go get a metal detectors gold and go try my luck eh? Who knows....

Medication over the counter

The difference between Malaysia and Australia when it comes to seeking medical treatment is purchasing medicines. In Malaysia, each time we go for consultation at the GP, we will be prescribed a list of medications which is included in the cost. However, things are different here in Australia.

In Australia, the GP will only give a prescription by he will never include the medication. We will have to bring the prescriptions to the chemist to purchase whatever we have been prescribed by the GP or if we are just suffering from normal cold or flu, just get any of the over the counter in the chemist. So, there is no particular brands to go for and we will normally go for the generic brands.

I guess for convenience sake, we can purchase our medication from online pharmacies which can be cheaper at times. Like, if you want to get phentermine, you can go to It is convenient and safe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Winter in Melbourne

Winter in Melbourne this year is destined to be wet and cold! Brrrrrr....

On most days it is gloomy and it rained most of the time so getting the laundry dry is really a huge headache. Luckily hubby got a gazebo over our laundry line so we can keep our laundry away from the rain...

Sometimes, it is so cold that the water vapor will turn into water droplets and wet my laundry! *sigh*

Finally the upgrade is done

There is an intersection here near our place which has been going through an upgrade for the past few months. It started a month before I popped and it was not completed even after I completed my confinement. There were many traffic cones on all the sides so we have to drive at 40 km/h along those cones.

I am so glad it is completed at last so we don't have to drive at snail speed since the traffic light turns red real fast! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Being at the right place and at the right time

We are so glad that hubby managed to get a job just 1.5 months after we moved here. The job market has been really soft lately with many companies laying off staff. Really blessed that hubby has a job now else he will be feeling so sick sending his resume off…

One of the thing he was glad about was attending some courses which help with resumes writing especially for new migrants. Also, he was lucky too to be picked by his current employer during the course as they were sourcing for staff at the institute at that time.

Well, it was a matter of being at the right place and at the right time!

Looking forward to our nest hunt

House pricing has been dropping lately and we are getting really excited as we are nearer to our dream of getting our dream home. We are hoping that it will go further down and we’ll start to hunt for a place. We already know what type of houses we want but the only thing is, should we get a resale or a brand new one?

Hubby preferred brand new but I am contented with a resale if the house is nice and the location is good. Hubby wanted something more contemporary so he was hoping to get a brand new house but I am fine with any. I don’t mind even if the house are fitted with metal switch plates.

Can’t wait to go for viewings!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Winter Clothing Shopping

The weather is getting unbearable some of the time and I seriously think we should go get ourselves some really good quality and thick jackets! I can't wait till my confinement is over so that I can start shopping for them!

So wanted to bring my parents to check out some of the Wholesale Jackets and look for some great bargains before the winter is here. I am sure the winter sale will be here very soon!

The new extension to the near by mall will open next week so I hope we can get something when we pop by for a visit. Getting really excited as there will be a lot of new shops opening.

Structured Settlement Payments

I've not been in the workforce for so long hence, I have lost touch with almost everything. Hubby has been the only person in our household who are managing our finances so I hardly get myself involved. The kids are keeping me so busy that I hardly have time to learn about anything at all!

Just came across this structured settlement payments information and I managed to read about it and found it to be kinda interesting. We have insurance policies but I guess the structured settlement payments are slightly different and I think I should alert hubby to look into it. Getting claims from insurance can be a real hassle since they have to go through so many channels before getting the claims so this could be the best alternative to get a huge lump sum of cash.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Have not gone on a bike

I think the last time I gone on a bike was when I was about 3 years old. I can still remember vividly that my dad brought me to the reservoir near my grandma's place and I got myself burnt on the thigh at the bike's exhaust pipe. Since then, mom has not allowed me to go on the bike again.

All my kids have never ridden on one too. In fact, there are lesser people owning motorcycles these days as the prices of cars are so much cheaper now making it so affordable. The only person in our family who still rides a motorbike is my father in law. His is a small CC Honda so there is no motorcycle windshield like those you see on Harleys or any bigger bikes.

Doing Newborn photo myself

Most of my friends who are doing newborn photography are in Malaysia so I have no choice but to do it myself this time for my newborn using my DSLR. Actually, I have yet to master my skill since I do not have the time earlier to fiddle with the camera.

I have only done a few shots but not entirely satisfied with the results. Maybe my baby is still too small and she tends to move each time I lay her down. Also, due to the cold weather, I can't undress her or she'll start to shiver. Poor girl...

Will try again in another week or so when the weather gets better or maybe I'll have to switch on the heater when I do the shooting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our 3rd bundle of joy has arrived!

On the 17th of April, our 3rd bundle of joy arrived. It was a very quick birth just like our second child. Also, this is our very first baby born in Australia so, she is an Australian.

This time I have a total natural birth too as I gave birth in a government hospital where they tried not to have any other medical intervention at all. It was completely different from my previous two deliveries. It was indeed an experience!

Friends have been popping by and gave us gifts. Though they should have just got those baby gift baskets at and got them delivered instead but they said they wanted to see our baby and gave her a cuddle. :)

No more party life

I've just given birth to our 3rd baby last week. That means I'll be in my 'jail' term for another 5 years at least! Friends have been asking me to go partying with them and it really sadden me that I won't be able to do that, that soon!

I so miss those loud music playing on the Vestax at those clubs we used to visit in the past. Those days we could spend the entire night dancing away to all those Retro music! Heh... that show my old age eh?

Anyway, I hope I could have such time again soon if hubby is able to help taking care of our three monkeys while I go and have a good time.

Finally they came!

We have been living here without a proper sofa set for the last 3 months and finally it came after such a long wait! It is so good to have a comfortable sofa to rest on. The reason why the set took so long to arrive is because it has to be sent back to Malaysia to assemble! Yeah, ironic isn't it???

Next, we'll be looking to get something for the backyard. Hubby wanted to have his coffee in al-fresco style. We might want to look at some barn wood furniture this time round. Hubby thought of checking out some of the garage sale to see if he can get some good bargains... 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Strawberry picking @ Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, Melbourne

Autumn is here so we decided if we wanted to go strawberry picking we have to do it soon as the season will close at the end of April! We have been procrastinating as there were just too many things to do during the weekends but we finally made the effort to go for it! This is our second time to Sunny Ridge strawberry farm which is situated in Mornington Peninsula. It is about 30 minutes drive from our place... which is considered as pretty near!

The kids were happy that finally they get to go to the strawberry patch and pick some berries which they love so much! Our little girl just can't resist herself and kept popping the berries she picked into her mouth though it is not advisable to eat any before washing them. It is tough to stop her as she just knew how to do it herself!

To do the self picking, we have to pay $8/adult and $5/child. We were given a punnet to be filled up and we are only allowed to fill up where the cover can be closed else we'll have to pay for an extra punnet.

Beside picking the strawberries, there are other stuff available at the shop such as jams, sauces, ice-creams and etc...

Before we leave, we had some ice-cream which the kids enjoyed tremendously. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and not too cold so it was a great day out for the family!

And here is how to get there...

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gifts buying

I think one of the most difficult task is to buy birthday gifts either for a male or female. Though buying for male is slightly easier (there's nothing much to choose from!!!) but can be a headache at times as these gifts can be rather costly... especially those tech gadgets!

When buying for female, friends or relatives is another big headache as women are more sensitive. Especially buying birthday gifts for women. Items that you choose can mean something else so it is a rather tricking thing! Also, can't be buying the same stuff all the time and got to be really creative in selective the ideal gift!

Enjoy watching Homes & Garden

Though I don't have a green thumb but I enjoy watching gardening programs. Now that we are living in Australia, we get to watch shows like Homes and Garden where the show talk about everything from home improvement to cooking and gardening which is something that I really enjoy!

I've learned a lot of tips for home improvements, cooking and gardening. It is so nice to be able to have some small DIY projects at home with the family. Hubby also learned a lot through the show and he knew now the use of threaded inserts for wood.

Is Yoyo the new toy?

The kids are bored with their current toys. Instead of playing they would rather strew them all over the house! Especially our little girl, she has no interest in playing toys the proper way but loves to be destructive and spoil most of her brother's toys. We bought her some but she never wanted to play with them.

I was contemplating of getting something new that could keep the kids occupied for a longer time... instead of looking at the box the whole day. Should I try getting them some yo yo s?? Our boy may enjoy playing with one but I doubt the girl will... she'll probably smashed something! Hmmm...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rosebud Pier @ Mornington Peninsular, Victoria

After almost 3 months here, we finally decided to explore further away from our place since the weather is getting cooler. One of the advantage of staying in Melbourne is that we get to experience many different places within a short distance especially if we live around the eastern part of the state.

We went strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge, Mornington Peninsular earlier on and since it was still early and the weather was fantastic, we decided to pop by Rosebud Pier which was just less than 30 minutes drive away. This was our first time there and we love what we saw! The place was just so beautiful!!!

Lets the pictures do the talking...

The beach

There were lots of seaweeds near the shore

The longest jetty we have walked on

Another view of the other side of the beach

At the end of the jetty, lots of mussels sticking on the pier

There were lots of such jellyfish being 'fished' up 

The other end of the jetty

Another view of the jetty from the beach

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It has been 3 months!!!

OMG! I just can't believe how time flies! We have been in Melbourne for 3 months already! Our boy's Term 1 will end next week... that is how fast time has moved!

I can bravely say that we have settled in... more or less. We are enjoying our new life here and the kids are happy with their new environment. Our son said he don't wish to go back to his school in Malaysia as there isn't any playground and sand pit! Kids!!!!

Anyway, I hope I can get more time and my network is faster so I can start posting some of the stuff we have done and places we have visited the past months...

Should start putting on watch again

Ever since I have a mobile photo I have stopped putting on my watch as I tend to rely on my photo to tell the time. I know it is not wise as the batteries on my mobile phone runs out all the time! Also, there are times when I forgot to bring my mobile along and I have to go ask around for time.

I am missing my old faithful, a Tag watch which has a titanium watch bracelet that I got as a birthday pressie from a friend. I have been keeping it for the past 10 years but I think it should still works fine.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

First interview!

After landing here for more than a month, hubby has finally got an interview! This is of course a piece of good news since getting one is not as easy as we first thought! That's the thing about being 'newbies' on this big vast land!

This morning, he even ironed his own shirt and suit and tried them out! Yeah, unlike in Malaysia, the guys have to wear formal suits for interviews! Luckily, the weather forecast mentioned there will be rain else I think he'll probably sweat buckets!

Hubby don't even wear shirts to work last time. He only put on T-shirts. Now that he has to wear formal, I'll probably get him some nice cuff links to go with his shirts and suits.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is summer ending??

The weather has suddenly turned cold the past few days which hoover around 13-15 degree Celsius. Though it is still summer but weather in Melbourne is so erratic which making it tough for us to put on our cloths! Generally, I find it difficult to dress my kids. It can be so cold in the morning and sometimes burning hot in the afternoon.

Both my kids are rather fair so I slapped lots of suntan lotion on them as the heat from the burning sun can be really harmful. When I was younger, I was silly enough to put on spraytan during summer and baked under the sun but I guess the risks are so much greater now that I will try to hide from the sun as much as possible.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loving the check out system here

One of the thing I love about living in Australia is the check out counters at all supermarts and shops. Besides doing normal check outs, it can also give cash out so it is damn convenient especially when you want to save time looking for the ATM machines.

Also, we can do self-checkout in some major stores which make queuing up less stressful. I am not sure what sort of system they are using but it could be Honeywell Barcode Scanner systems for all I know. Just love all these conveniences here!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job hunting

We are here for 3 weeks and hubby is getting restless. He said he needed to find a job soon.

Well, we have been spending quite a big deal since our arrival so it kind of hurting the pocket a bit as we are not used to spending and not recouping all the monies we have spent. Thus, the need to find a job soon. It is not easy for him to find jobs in his profession (it takes times since he is kind of specialized).

For now, he do not mind any job. He will even consider jobs in conferencing service if that is available. After all, he has so much experience in marketing services in his previous job.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy summer weather in Melbourne!

Though we are only here for 3 weeks but we have experienced some really crazy summer weather here in Melbourne! It can be as low as 19 degree Celsius one day and the next it rose up to like 38 degree Celsius!!! The morning is usually cold and when it comes to noon time it is roasting!

I only have an indoor thermometer now but will go check out some outdoor thermometers soon so we can know exactly what temperature it is. Fortunately summer is ending soon (another month or so) and we'll be having a more cooling time when April comes.

Sometimes it is frustrating when dressing up the kids on our day out with such crazy weather!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No vacation plans for this year

Since our BIG move and soon the baby's arrival, we won't be planning for any vacations.... not for this year at least as there are just too much for us to handle. With our eldest boy starting 1st grade this year, I can foresee a very busy and challenging year. There are a lot of of adjustments and getting used to to all the new routines.

Probably next year will be a better time for plan for a short trip when my brother and his family come to visit us. May want to try rv loans and let them experience the fun of travelling with RVs. I think my kids and my nephew will enjoy the experience.

The 'Dos' and Don'ts' in a rental house

This is the first time we went into contract for a rented house in Melbourne. There are lots of 'Dos' and Don'ts' that we need to follow. We are not allowed to knock in nails or stick anything onto the wall. Even changing the locks we'll need to inform the agent. Therefore, we are not going to get any decorative switch plate covers for the kids' room.

Hubby even thought of getting the same color paints so he can paint the wall once it is dirty so we will be 'safe' when the agent or the landlord come for a surprise inspection. :P

Greetings from Melbourne!!

YES!!! We are finally here!!!

It has been really hectic since the day we arrived as there were just too many stuff to do and settled. We have to get our house furnish too so imagine the amount of shopping we need to do in within the first week we were here else we can't move in.

So glad that everything has fall into places now and we can say we are ready to start our new life here in this beautiful place filled with clean fresh air!!