Tuesday, December 13, 2011

X'mas shopping

Christmas is just around the corner but we have yet to really shop as we are too tied up with our packing. Hopefully we can get something done this weekend when we go down to KL. I guess there are more stuff to see and buy in KL compared to here.

This will be our 'last' year celebrating Christmas in Malaysia. Hubby said he should get something for his dad. I told him about getting some cigars for him since FIL so smoke. We can get acid cigars cheaply online these days but only to find out that FIL has stopped smoking!

Oh well... we'll have to search for something else then...

Changing the gold to something else

Since we'll be moving, I've decided to take out some of my jewellery to be brought along with me. Found that I have some small gold items and decided to change them to something I like since I am not such a gold person.

Went to the local jewelers and was told I can make an exchange with a 20% cut from the actual gold price. After considering for a few days, I decided to get a pair of earrings. The sales rep showed me some new emerald engagement rings but I prefer to have a pair of earrings since I don't like wearing rings too.

At the end diamonds won over and I got myself a lovely set of Lumiere diamond earrings with certificate. I'm a happy camper! :)

Moving is such a daunting exercise!

We are just a month away from our BIG move to Down Under. The mover will be here tomorrow and we hope we can receive our shipment upon our arrival next month. Has been busy packing the last few days and we are glad we are almost done. Did not realize we have so much junks!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting a car and car insurance

When we move Down Under, we'll need to get at least 2 cars once I got my driver license converted. I am not sure if I could get it converted yet but I'll try though the chances may seem rather slim. Else I'll have to do the theory and practical test all over again! This is not what I am hoping for since I will be heavily pregnant by that time! :P

Hubby mentioned that he will have to look at the various auto insurance premium since everything will be different in Down Under compared to Malaysia. Car repairing is extremely costly so we will definitely have to take up a more comprehensive coverage.

Of course we don't wish to be involved in any accidents but sometimes things like these are hard to tell. We will try to be extra careful and mindful of all traffic rules especially when we are ferrying the kids around.

Repairing the car before we leave

Hubby has decided to send our car for a mini over-haul before we leave so it will be easier for my MIL to maintain the car for us while we are away. There are a few parts that needed to be changed too so that will cost quite a fair bit. The tyres needed to be changed too but hubby said he will probably get the two front tyres changes instead of all four as that will cost quite a lot.

Anyway, I am clueless when it comes to such stuff. I don't even know how industrial bearings looks like so when hubby told me he will need to get these and that for the car I'll just nod my head! :P I know the car will be in good hands when hubby is maintaining it but when MIL takes over... I'm not so sure any more! 

Time to job hunt

Hubby's cousin who has just completed her one year pre-registration as a pharmacist and is actively looking for a permanent job in Australia. She does not intend to work in Malaysia for the time being as she felt Australia will give her more exposure.

However, during the end of the year period is also the summer break for many companies, hence it is tough to go job hunting since most companies are closed for the holiday season. We hope she can find something temporary to tie her over the next few months so hubby actually suggested that she should try looking for some Physician Assistant Jobs first.

Hubby has just returned from Down Under and he said there are some expansion projects in some new suburbs in various states so this could be the right time. Hopefully she will find something soon!