Thursday, November 24, 2011

Still not feeling on top of the world

I wonder how long would my morning sickness stay this round. It has been more than 3 month (now I'm in my 4th month) and I still don't feel on top of the world. It seems to be longer than my 1st pregnancy as I remembered I only suffered for 17 weeks, the max.

I would say my cough which has been quite bad even before I discovered about my pregnancy made it worst. Each time I cough, there will be phlegm and the nausea will come. It is really taxing as it affecting my sleep too so I can't sleep well for the past months.

This is the only pregnancy that I am all alone. Previously I will go back to my mom's place and she will take care of me... well, at least you can cook some nutritional stuff for me! Though she is no certified nutritionist austin, but it is nice to have someone to take care when you feel sickly all day.

Now, I have to take care of two kids and myself! Arrgghh!!

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