Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visit to the New 1 Utama Jusco

Yesterday was the first day of Hari Raya here. Normally during festive period like this in KL, traffic should be lesser... well, the roads were quite empty actually but not the malls!!! We went to 1 Utama thinking that most people would have gone for holiday since it is school holiday and most people gets 3 days off since it coincide with our 54th National Day.

The newly renovated Jusco in the old wing has not even been completed but they opened for business anyway so they can cash in from the festive sale. They revamped the whole place which sees the supermarket on the same location as the departmental store. Previously it was located on the other end of the mall.

Jusco has moved their Eneos which housed all the house improvement items as well as car accessories such as savini rims and a car cleaning service. The departmental store now are much spacious and brighter.

Too bad it was so darn crowded so we decided to go off when we can't beat the human traffic!

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