Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL

The next day after our nightmare, I brought the kids to Pavilion to meet up with a friend who came back from LA for a vacation as well as to get my dad some stuff since we'll be visiting him that evening. We stayed at Crowne Plaza so it was quite near, about 10 minutes walk only.

We had some fried fritters and soy bean drink at the food court before we went up to walk about the mall. It has been a while since we shop there. Most of the time we only go to the basement where Lavender is located to get the yummy bread.

While strolling, we saw some banners about a Tokyo Street opened on the 6th floor. Curiosity kicked in and we decided to check the place out....

We have no idea that they actually made the entire place (next to Parkson) to look like a street in Tokyo! It was indeed a very exciting to find so many Japanese shops and restaurants located in one place! *grin*

My son was so excited to see this giant red lantern hanging just right inside the entrance...

As it was already lunch hour, there were many people mingling around the shops and some even has a very looooong queue queuing to buy whatever that was on sale...

Especially the pearl milk tea stall!

If I have not already full to the brim, I would have gone for this Japanese hotpot restaurant, SUKIYA as it is eat all you can! 

Fancy some Japanese crispy crepes???

And the replica Japanese dishes on display can really make you go hungry all over again!

And these miniatures are so darn cute too!

Last but not least... how to not feeling all Japanese when Daiso is the anchor tenant in this part of the mall????

I am so praying for my hubby to have more business trips to KL so I can go jam this place during our stay!!!

Well, if you can't go to Tokyo, you can always go to Tokyo Street at the Pavilion! :)

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