Monday, August 8, 2011

The scariest journey to KL

Last Thursday, hubby has to go to KL on a very short notice and all of us decided to tag along... all because the kids can enjoy the hotel stay and also a golden opportunity to visit my dad who was hospitalized. Everything went smoothly and traffic was not heavy that day... probably due to the fasting month, less people are travelling.

Then we have to stop mid way to fill up petrol. After filling we moved on but something unpleasant greeted us the moment we move out to the highway. Our dashboard light went off out of a sudden and the fuel gauge failed to show even we have pumped to full just a while ago. However, we did not suspect anything and just thought the fuse blew off. A few minutes later, we detected some odor and asked baby if she has pooed and she nodded her head. Hmmm... so I asked hubby to stop at the next R&R.

Brought baby out for a diaper change but discovered she did not pooed after all. So we hurried back to the car. I asked if hubby checked all the lights and he said everything are working fine except the signal lights. No choice. We moved on. It started to rain and it got heavier. We saw at least 2 accidents on the way and was telling hubby that we are lucky our car can still move. Suddenly, hubby felt the car lost it momentum and the wipers somehow having difficulties in moving and then he can't accelerate at all!!!! OMG!!!! Sensing something is wrong I told him to quickly pull over to the road shoulder in any case the car decided to go dead! And I was right... the car stalled right after we pulled over!!!!

Scary thoughts invaded us immediately. The rain is getting heavier and we knew something has gone terribly wrong. We suspected we were running on the battery and now it is almost flat. Coincidentally, we stopped just right in front of the PLUS signage so we quickly make a call to inform them to send us help. The kids started to get cranky as we are all being couped up in the car without air-conditioning. I made a frantic call to my dad and he told us to get out of the car as it is extremely dangerous to stay in the car by the highway. There has been many incidents where trucks ramped into stationary car which causes deaths. *shiver* Too bad we do not have any roadside assistance plan, else we will not be so worried.

And baby decided to poo! Arrgghhh! Talking about bad luck! (I do start to wonder if it has to do with the Ghost Month???!!) I have to quickly change her and think of our next course of action. The side of the road actually slide down so it will be tough to bring the kids down and moreover it is raining...

While we continued to wait for PLUS to come to us, suddenly a car pull over in front of us and a guy came knocking at our window. We thought he was being sent by PLUS but after a few exchanges, we found out he was one of those 'hungry hawks' that scout around the highway for business. He told us he owns a car workshop and he can help us get our car tow to his workshop which is nearby. He suspected either our alternator or battery has broken down.

Initially we are hesitated to take up the offer as we have heard just too many ugly stories involving those highway tow-trucks and unscrupulous workshops staff trying to squeeze money from victims of broken down vehicles. Then PLUS rang us and told us that help will not come so soon as they have to attend to the other 2 accidents before us. *sigh* Now, we are left with no choice!

It is getting late and the rain is getting heavier...

We gave in and took up the offer so the guy called for a tow truck which has to be paid separately. We were towed to Rawang and made a U-turn to exit at Bukit Beruntung. We've never been there and that place was a complete alien to us....

Once we arrived at the workshop, the tow truck left after we paid him (RM80). The surrounding did not look too good... that place is deserted. There were hardly any souls walking around and all the other units are empty and filled with filthy rubbish strew all over the place.

To me, the workshop is like a 'front' as it does not have anything except a few broken down cars 'under repair'. Those cars were covered with thick dust and we suspect that they are for show only. The engines were taken out. *shiver*

One of the staff helped to take out the alternator and checked. Discovered that it has carbon inside... which translate to - we have to get it changed! The 'owner' said he will go look for the part and drove off leaving us with lots of ???

He called a few minutes later and told us it cost RM388 for a re-conned unit so out of desperation, we agreed. He drove back and after his staff fixed the new unit, it failed to charge the battery. So how??? Have to go look for another unit!!!!! It was already 6pm then and the kids are getting extremely restless as well as hungry. There's no way we can go get food since it is raining so heavily and that place is in the middle of no where!!! What a shitty feeling!

Another guy came with a new unit but the socket was not the right size so he has to take it back. Then the 'boss' went off again leaving us behind. We waited and he brought another unit back and said 'this one cost RM450'. So, do we have a choice?????!!!!!

We felt really threaten since we were all alone in that place. Out of security, I called my dad and sent him all the info of where we are and blah...blah...blah just in case something unpleasant happened. And when the sky turned dark, I pestered hubby to contact his uncle who is staying near Kepong to come keep us company. It is better to have another person we knew who has a car in any case we have to abandon our car or leave it over night. All kind of thoughts came...

It was almost 7.30pm, still raining heavily and there is no way they can tell us if the new unit of alternator will work so we tried threatening the 'boss' back by saying, that if he can't get the car to start then we'll have to call another tow truck and tow our car to KL. And within 15 minutes, our car came back to life. Hallelujah!!! We quickly pay the guy and drove off.

Hubby uncle came but he can't find us (even after we sent a MMS of the map) as the place was so dark and there were no street lamps. Therefore, we decided to meet up with him at the petrol kiosk at the main road.

It was such a relief when we finally arrived at the hotel... Can't believe we survived this ordeal. Anyway, things like these can happen anytime, anywhere and it is just pure luck it happened to us on the North South Highway in the middle of no where! :(

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