Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy with house stuff

In 2 days time we will go down to KL again. Looks like this year we travel quite frequently to KL. It is only August and we have travelled down more than 4 times! Previously, the most we will make 2 trips a year. Well, it is a good thing as we can visit my parents more often. :)

Since we will be going away and SIL will be moving over from her rented apartment, I'll have to do all the cleaning before we leave. I have been doing lots of washing the past few days... scrubbing the bathroom, the toilet, the room and etc until my fingers are all sore and painful. :(

I have not even change the sheets in my room! I've wanted to change a new set of matouk so when we returned, I don't have to think about sleeping on dirty sheets.

Will see if I can get that done tomorrow!

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