Saturday, July 9, 2011

Penang own Auntie's Durian!

Ever since we stumbled upon Liu Lian Ee's (durian auntie) durian stall last year, hubby has been going there a few times this year as Liu Lian Ee is such a nice sales lady! She is very good in giving lots of tips on good durian as well as her durian stock is among the better ones too. However, what drew my hubby there was of course the reasonable price she charged!

Her durian estate is already the 3rd generation! Therefore, some of her trees are pretty old and according to hubby, the older the tree, the better the quality of the durian harvest. She also have may special species which she did the 'marriage' (cross) herself. Besides selling some popular species such as 'Ang Heh' (Red Prawn), 'Orh-Chee' (Black Thorns), 'Hu-Lor' (Chinese Gourd), 'Cheh-Kak' (Green Husk) and D11, she has her very own which are without names. Most of these are from the very old trees.

Since this year harvest is in abundance, the price has dropped tremendously too making the popular species very affordable. When harvest was scarce, we have to pay high prices for good crossed species.


Orh-Chee (Black Thorns)

Besides durian, what I like most about Liu Lian Ee's stall is that she also sells rambutan! Her rambutan is one of the best I've eaten. They are called 'Ya-bak' or 'Coconut Flesh' which is thick, dried, crunchy and the flesh don't stick to the seed. It is not very sweet too rather the amount of sweetness is just perfect!

Well, if you are up in Penang these few months (now till late August) you might want to call Liu Lian Ee to see if she has any good harvest! Her good durian usually goes off the shelves real fast as people will call to make reservations!

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