Saturday, July 9, 2011

Over-loaded with the King of fruits!

Since the week we came back from our US trip, hubby has been having durian buffet almost every week! I think this is the first time I had had so much durian in my life! I am not a durian crazy person so they don't really excite me that much. It stink like shit if you are not a fan! For those who loves it thinks it smell and taste so heavenly! LOL

Hubby ate so much that he told me he can feel that he has put on weight! Aiyo... of course he put on weight la... from the way he eats these fruits... others could have can collapsed! Though I did not eat that much but I can feel my midriff has grew a few centimeters! I better start looking for the best fat burners to stand by as once the season ends, all of us must go for strict diet!

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