Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fresh Water Fish Restaurant @ Kampung Kob - Kulim

We got adventurous during one of our trips to the Mainland after I bugged the hubby for not bringing me to try  new 'makan' place when ever we goes to the Mainland. The reasons why we seldom go on food hunt on the Mainland was because we have never encounter anything nice after a few times so we sort of black list the place.

After our shopping at Jusco Prai, hubby decided to drive to Kampung Kob as he told me there is a 'nice' fish pond restaurant. Well... I would not brand it as nice since that place looked extremely dingy... It is located deep inside a palm oil estate so it was pretty scary to even drive in there! However, I was surprised that there were many patrons there!

When I saw the sign above, I thought to myself, 'well, Ah Xian (from ASTRO) was here before so should not be that bad right?' and hope for the best. I would not considered the place to be pleasant as it was NOT AT ALL! It was as dirty as I've expected it to be and seeing all the flies circling on the table has definitely killed my appetite!

This place only serves fresh water fish such as Tilapia and Patin which are not in my list of favorite fish... to be very honest. Hubby went ahead and ordered 2 fish dish and a vege dish. As baby was with us, we have to order a dish of fish fillet stir fried with some spring onions and another in fermented bean sauce. We had fried belacan kangkung for the vege dish.
Seriously, the food was nothing to shout about and I find them expensive even. For the 3 dishes, 3 rice and a bottle of 'tuak' or fermented coconut water (a type of alcohol), we were charged a whopping RM60. I definitely think the ambiance sucks big time... we were bitten by mosquitoes too!

Will we be back again? NOPE!

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