Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Extended Stay @ Century Bay, Penang

My SIL will be back from Germany for vacation after 4 years. This time instead of 2 kids, she is bringing back 4! Her family has grew over the past 4 years so instead of bunking in at our house, they have decided to rent a service apartment. It will be more convenient for them too as there will be a lot of friends and relatives who will be visiting during the time they are here.

Before she decides where to stay, my hubby was tasked to check out the few locations of her preference and we went for the viewing. One of them is Century, located near Bayan Baru.

This property (10 floors high) is quite a nice one to begin with in terms of location and it is popular among the big corporations here in Penang where they place their employees for short term stay or for some, using it as short getaway with family since it is a good as staying at a 5-star resort. It is a well maintained property too and boast a few facilities and amenities which worth mentioning.

Most of the units are either 2 rooms or 3 rooms suites so they are suitable for big family or groups. Al the units are fully air-conditioned and comes with kitchen and washing area. The best part is, all the units are facing the Penang Bridge! :)

All the units are fully furnished with basic necessities such as LCD TV, sofas dining tables, refrigerator, cooking burners as well as washing machine!

The Master room has an attached bathroom where else the the two other rooms share a common bathroom. Sheets and towels are changed once every 3 days. I just love their Bali inspired interior which is rustic and cozy!

To get a more detailed information about the property, you should check out their website here.

My kids love the pool which is of odd shape but cater to everyone. The kids can play on one of the smaller pool at the side. And they have a small playground which my kids wanted to go for the moment they saw it!

So, if you are planning to stay longer than 5 days in Penang, you can seriously consider this place as you can save a whole lot more! :D

Should we upgrade?

We have the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab and with so many new updates recently, hubby was wondering if we should upgrade to the new model which comes with a 10 inches screen and runs on Android 3.0? The one that we have is less than a year old...

Though we quite like the current one as the size is perfect to be kept in my purse but I found out that it battry runs out pretty fast if the WIFI is switched on. Since I do not have any Samsung phones before, I am not certain how long all the samsung cell phone batteries last... after all I am not a phone net user.

Well, I can't be comparing cell phone with tablets I guess...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Penang own Auntie's Durian!

Ever since we stumbled upon Liu Lian Ee's (durian auntie) durian stall last year, hubby has been going there a few times this year as Liu Lian Ee is such a nice sales lady! She is very good in giving lots of tips on good durian as well as her durian stock is among the better ones too. However, what drew my hubby there was of course the reasonable price she charged!

Her durian estate is already the 3rd generation! Therefore, some of her trees are pretty old and according to hubby, the older the tree, the better the quality of the durian harvest. She also have may special species which she did the 'marriage' (cross) herself. Besides selling some popular species such as 'Ang Heh' (Red Prawn), 'Orh-Chee' (Black Thorns), 'Hu-Lor' (Chinese Gourd), 'Cheh-Kak' (Green Husk) and D11, she has her very own which are without names. Most of these are from the very old trees.

Since this year harvest is in abundance, the price has dropped tremendously too making the popular species very affordable. When harvest was scarce, we have to pay high prices for good crossed species.


Orh-Chee (Black Thorns)

Besides durian, what I like most about Liu Lian Ee's stall is that she also sells rambutan! Her rambutan is one of the best I've eaten. They are called 'Ya-bak' or 'Coconut Flesh' which is thick, dried, crunchy and the flesh don't stick to the seed. It is not very sweet too rather the amount of sweetness is just perfect!

Well, if you are up in Penang these few months (now till late August) you might want to call Liu Lian Ee to see if she has any good harvest! Her good durian usually goes off the shelves real fast as people will call to make reservations!

How to get to Liu Lian Ee's stall...

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Almost 1 month in the workshop!

My MIL's car was experiencing problems about 3 weeks back and she sent it in to the workshop since then but till today she still can't pick her car up yet as the mechanics can't figure out what is wrong with her car! According to hubby, the mechanic has changed 3 gear boxes but the car still can't move.

I know nuts about cars so if you talk about bearings or whatever parts, I won't know a single thing! Probably I should read up a bit so if my car stalled one day, at least I know what is wrong.

Luckily MIL has another car to use else she will be so handicapped!

A Peek @ The new Terminal Bas Selatan

Do you stay in Kuala Lumpur and often takes the coaches back to your home town in the south such as Melaka or Johor Bahru? With the newly opened Terminal Bas Selatan, you will get to experience Malaysia's first high class bus terminal located at Bandar Tasik Selatan. The place looks even better than the LCCT (Low Cost Carriers Terminal) according to most!

I have the pleasure to make a visit to TBS after dinner with my family at Sri Petaling one evening. The place is massive! Maybe it is still new but definitely better than my years of experience with Pudu Raya or even the Duta Bas Station! This place looks just like an extension at KLIA.

We parked our car at the lower ground floor but the actual parking is located on higher floors. Poor signage is the reason why we ended up there... We failed to find the appropriate lift to get up to the main lobby and only saw one miserable service lift after searching for a while. The main lobby is located at the 2nd level.

When we entered, we were pretty impressed by what we saw. Well, maybe everything is still brand new so they looked nice! Like most were saying... give it a year and you'll see the same as the old Pudu Raya! Fingers crossed on that!

It has huge display boards showing the departure and arrivals information of the coaches so everyone is clear about their schedules. Looking very much like the airport...

This place boast a new frontier... there are policemen to check your tickets before you are allowed to go down to the coach bays to avoid having rouge passengers or thugs boarding the coaches! A way to increase job opportunity??? Or it is really for the safety of the passengers???? :P

Passengers can now wait for their coaches in comfort... with nice seats in an air-conditioned room. Maybe some retires can take a nap there to pass time too eh??? Not forgetting those foreign beggars can beg in better condition now!

We have VIP and VVIP buses so they make sure these VIPs and VVIPs get the same treatments like those airlines' frequent fliers too! Hahaha... I wonder how much 'points' one needs to accumulate to get to enjoy the Executive Lounge's facilities eh?

A peek at their boarding bay looks rather impressive with high escalators for every 2 bays. I am not sure how tight is the security at the boarding bays but the departure gate is on high security though!

If you are having a baggage too many, not to worry now as they even have trolleys to help you move them! Gone are the days where you'll have to lug all your 'stone filled' bags like a kuli! LOL

If you are early and wished to walk around the terminal without having to lug your stone filled bags around, you can always keep them in the many lockers available!


Smaller information boards are located in various parts of the stations (other levels) so you won't missed your buses or you'll know the arrival of the buses you're waiting for to pick someone up.

Last but not least, at the current information and high technology age, we are blessed with self service kiosks so we don't have to queue on the line too long!

You can use your Touch'N Go card for these self service kiosks so you don't have to handle cash since bus terminals is where all those snatch thieves will lurk around! :P

However, if you are uncomfortable punching those keys on the self service kiosks, you can always queue on the regular counters to speak those those ladies for your tickets. Some people just needed those face to face interaction!

In a nut shell, this is indeed a very impressive place but will the ugly Malaysian's habits able to keep this place clean and functional in the years to come??? Lets pray! Else, our next generation won't be able to enjoy such a luxurious facilities in the future!!

Over-loaded with the King of fruits!

Since the week we came back from our US trip, hubby has been having durian buffet almost every week! I think this is the first time I had had so much durian in my life! I am not a durian crazy person so they don't really excite me that much. It stink like shit if you are not a fan! For those who loves it thinks it smell and taste so heavenly! LOL

Hubby ate so much that he told me he can feel that he has put on weight! Aiyo... of course he put on weight la... from the way he eats these fruits... others could have can collapsed! Though I did not eat that much but I can feel my midriff has grew a few centimeters! I better start looking for the best fat burners to stand by as once the season ends, all of us must go for strict diet!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fresh Water Fish Restaurant @ Kampung Kob - Kulim

We got adventurous during one of our trips to the Mainland after I bugged the hubby for not bringing me to try  new 'makan' place when ever we goes to the Mainland. The reasons why we seldom go on food hunt on the Mainland was because we have never encounter anything nice after a few times so we sort of black list the place.

After our shopping at Jusco Prai, hubby decided to drive to Kampung Kob as he told me there is a 'nice' fish pond restaurant. Well... I would not brand it as nice since that place looked extremely dingy... It is located deep inside a palm oil estate so it was pretty scary to even drive in there! However, I was surprised that there were many patrons there!

When I saw the sign above, I thought to myself, 'well, Ah Xian (from ASTRO) was here before so should not be that bad right?' and hope for the best. I would not considered the place to be pleasant as it was NOT AT ALL! It was as dirty as I've expected it to be and seeing all the flies circling on the table has definitely killed my appetite!

This place only serves fresh water fish such as Tilapia and Patin which are not in my list of favorite fish... to be very honest. Hubby went ahead and ordered 2 fish dish and a vege dish. As baby was with us, we have to order a dish of fish fillet stir fried with some spring onions and another in fermented bean sauce. We had fried belacan kangkung for the vege dish.
Seriously, the food was nothing to shout about and I find them expensive even. For the 3 dishes, 3 rice and a bottle of 'tuak' or fermented coconut water (a type of alcohol), we were charged a whopping RM60. I definitely think the ambiance sucks big time... we were bitten by mosquitoes too!

Will we be back again? NOPE!