Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SIA Kid's Meal from SIN-ICN (Incheon, Seoul)

We did not have a direct connect flight from Singapore to our next flight out to San Francisco so we have to stay a night at the transit hotel. Our next flight is from Singapore to Seoul which was a transit enroute to San Francisco.

I would have expect something nice for the kid since it will be their lunch and not snack but we got some soggy chicken nuggets instead!
Hubby forgot to open up the main dish's cover so no photos of those soggy nuggets. And if you see closely, the kids were given a slice of chocolate mousse and some chocolate dip sticks! They also gave 2 types of sugar drinks! A packet of orange flavored jello drink and a cup of either orange juice/apple juice/pineapple juice or tomato juice. Chocolates and sugar... aiyo... very potent for hyperactivity!

A packet of Cheezels made my 5 years old very happy but for my 1.5 years old???? We are paying a huge sum for my 5 years old & 1.5 years old (she don't even get a seat!) for the flights SIA has certainly need a change in their meals planning group!

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