Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SIA Kid's Meal from ICN-SFO (Seoul to San Francisco)

Our flight out from Seoul was about 5 in the afternoon so the next meal on board is dinner. You may have expect some Korean goodies for the kids but NO! I would call it an unhealthy meal especially for my baby! Just take a look what they served...

Hot dog!!! My 5 years old was happy but I would not give anything except the Babybel cheese, soft bun (wrapped in plastic), potato balls (under the hotdog) and the packet of chips to her. The grape jelly juice was pretty sweet. Ended up she only had the cheese and some corn kernels. I did not want her to have the ham as  she should not take any processed meat at this age.

Then we have another meal (breakfast) shortly before we land in San Francisco. I would have expect something nice like some pancakes for baby but no... they have to give pizza for breakfast!

The pizza was really a weird item to be offered but the kids get another hotdog/sausage is something really mind boggling! Yes, that lollipop looking thingy was a hotdog deep fried wrapped in batter. It will taste good if it is eaten fresh but after so many hours soaking in the meal trolley... you can imagine how soggy it was. And for another record, the kids got a bar of chocolate brownie! I think the only nice thing on this tray was that small box of cut fruits and that grape yogurt!

My baby was only keen on the fruits and of course the yogurt...

I kept those wrapped items for later since they can be kept. I just hope SIA will revamp their kids' menus and be more creative. There are certainly more to just offering such uncreative meals on board. I think other airlines are doing much better in this section with cheaper ticket price!

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