Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kid's Meal on SilkAir PEN-SIN/SIN-PEN

Ever since SIA stopped their flights to Penang more than a year ago, SilkAir took over the route. I would not say that this is a good switch in the eyes of passengers but it is definitely is for the company's P&L. Especially when they have to take away the frequent flyers' lounge!

We (my kids and I) have taken the flight a few times and each time the quality of service is different. Why??? I have no freaking ideas!!!! I remembered the first time when we took it, my boy was given lots of toys to keep him entertained for the 1 over hours flight but now he got only a stack of papers. o_0

When it come to meal time... it is always the same items...
I cannot understand why they served so much chocolates on one tray! Milo is chocolate milk and a big bar of KitKat!!!! Can't they give a box of raisins or a packet of soya milk??? Some good meals planners they have!

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