Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are you a Challenge Coins collector?

I am not a coin collector so I don't have much knowledge in them. When I came across the challenge coins, I don't have the faintest idea what they were so only after I Googled about it then did I know that these were the coins made specially for a certain organizations for their members.

From the information found in Wikipedia, I've learned that these challenge coins were first made by a wealthy military pilot which he then presented them to the other pilots in his squadron as mementos of their service together. These coins were gold plated and bore the squadron’s insignia.

Pretty interesting!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SIA Kid's Meal from ICN-SFO (Seoul to San Francisco)

Our flight out from Seoul was about 5 in the afternoon so the next meal on board is dinner. You may have expect some Korean goodies for the kids but NO! I would call it an unhealthy meal especially for my baby! Just take a look what they served...

Hot dog!!! My 5 years old was happy but I would not give anything except the Babybel cheese, soft bun (wrapped in plastic), potato balls (under the hotdog) and the packet of chips to her. The grape jelly juice was pretty sweet. Ended up she only had the cheese and some corn kernels. I did not want her to have the ham as  she should not take any processed meat at this age.

Then we have another meal (breakfast) shortly before we land in San Francisco. I would have expect something nice like some pancakes for baby but no... they have to give pizza for breakfast!

The pizza was really a weird item to be offered but the kids get another hotdog/sausage is something really mind boggling! Yes, that lollipop looking thingy was a hotdog deep fried wrapped in batter. It will taste good if it is eaten fresh but after so many hours soaking in the meal trolley... you can imagine how soggy it was. And for another record, the kids got a bar of chocolate brownie! I think the only nice thing on this tray was that small box of cut fruits and that grape yogurt!

My baby was only keen on the fruits and of course the yogurt...

I kept those wrapped items for later since they can be kept. I just hope SIA will revamp their kids' menus and be more creative. There are certainly more to just offering such uncreative meals on board. I think other airlines are doing much better in this section with cheaper ticket price!

SIA Kid's Meal from SIN-ICN (Incheon, Seoul)

We did not have a direct connect flight from Singapore to our next flight out to San Francisco so we have to stay a night at the transit hotel. Our next flight is from Singapore to Seoul which was a transit enroute to San Francisco.

I would have expect something nice for the kid since it will be their lunch and not snack but we got some soggy chicken nuggets instead!
Hubby forgot to open up the main dish's cover so no photos of those soggy nuggets. And if you see closely, the kids were given a slice of chocolate mousse and some chocolate dip sticks! They also gave 2 types of sugar drinks! A packet of orange flavored jello drink and a cup of either orange juice/apple juice/pineapple juice or tomato juice. Chocolates and sugar... aiyo... very potent for hyperactivity!

A packet of Cheezels made my 5 years old very happy but for my 1.5 years old???? We are paying a huge sum for my 5 years old & 1.5 years old (she don't even get a seat!) for the flights SIA has certainly need a change in their meals planning group!

Kid's Meal on SilkAir PEN-SIN/SIN-PEN

Ever since SIA stopped their flights to Penang more than a year ago, SilkAir took over the route. I would not say that this is a good switch in the eyes of passengers but it is definitely is for the company's P&L. Especially when they have to take away the frequent flyers' lounge!

We (my kids and I) have taken the flight a few times and each time the quality of service is different. Why??? I have no freaking ideas!!!! I remembered the first time when we took it, my boy was given lots of toys to keep him entertained for the 1 over hours flight but now he got only a stack of papers. o_0

When it come to meal time... it is always the same items...
I cannot understand why they served so much chocolates on one tray! Milo is chocolate milk and a big bar of KitKat!!!! Can't they give a box of raisins or a packet of soya milk??? Some good meals planners they have!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Horseback riding fun

I was looking through some old photos the other day and saw some of those from my uni days. It was such great fun to look back at those fun activities that I went for. There was some on the horseback riding trip which I went with some Norwegian friends which was such great fun.

We actually joined the uni's International Student Club for the event which was held somewhere in Swan Valley. It was a 3 hours even where we get to ride on a horse and go for a short ride around the country side. It was an amazing experience. However, we were not required to put on any breeches since it was only a one time thing and we are not asked to rent one too so we can save some money there.

Hopefully, one day I can bring my kids for such fun activity.

Friday, June 3, 2011

No Party World this time

Though I am here in the US but sadly, I did not get to go to one of my favorite shop, Party World this round. All the shopping we went to are either Food4Less, WalMart, Target or the Premium Outlets. Hubby did not drives me to the other shops as he said that we do not have anything to buy from these other shops :(

I've wanted to get some party stuff for the kids' birthday parties this year, though I have no idea if we are going to have any but it is always good to get some stuff ready. I never like the idea of Surprise Birthday Invitations. I prefer to have a theme and stick by it.