Saturday, May 28, 2011

Of Tortilla Chips and Salsa Dips

Hello from the sunny California! We have been here for a week and today we are entering our 2nd week here.

It has been a very tiring vacation as our boy was down with eyes infection since we arrived a week ago. The few nights when his eyes swell up, he was writhing in pain and can't sleep at all. Every few minutes he will cry as his eyes hurts badly. After all, he is only 5 years old so it was really tough telling him not to cry or complain.

Due to all those stress, I lost a lot of sleep too and for that, all my pimples started to pop up too!!! And since that we are here, we have been feasting on those tortilla chips and salsa dips which are so darn cheap which contributed to the heat in the body. However, I won't be looking for any treatment for acne now since we will be here for another week. Will see how those zits do in the next few days. Hope they go away....

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