Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eating too much

Since the day we arrived, we have been feasting not on proper food but all those junks which are so expensive in Malaysia but so cheap here in the US. I think our tummies have turned into garbage bins now!

While the adults were having difficulties clearing those junks from the systems and we definitely need colon cleansers unlike our baby who has been having poo-poo sessions a few times a day! I know those junks are bad for our bodies but they are so good and so cheap here that we totally can't resist them!!

Of Tortilla Chips and Salsa Dips

Hello from the sunny California! We have been here for a week and today we are entering our 2nd week here.

It has been a very tiring vacation as our boy was down with eyes infection since we arrived a week ago. The few nights when his eyes swell up, he was writhing in pain and can't sleep at all. Every few minutes he will cry as his eyes hurts badly. After all, he is only 5 years old so it was really tough telling him not to cry or complain.

Due to all those stress, I lost a lot of sleep too and for that, all my pimples started to pop up too!!! And since that we are here, we have been feasting on those tortilla chips and salsa dips which are so darn cheap which contributed to the heat in the body. However, I won't be looking for any treatment for acne now since we will be here for another week. Will see how those zits do in the next few days. Hope they go away....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomorrow is D-day!

After 3 weeks of anticipation, we are finally flying off tomorrow! We have done most of the packing and now left with some last minute stuff which I will go and get this afternoon.

This morning I sent my boy to his class and found that some of his classmates are 1.5 head taller than him!!!! Aiyo, I don't want my boy to be a shorty!! My mind was telling me to go get some magical potion for him so he can grow up over night! Then I chanced upon the hgh reviews while surfing the web just now and am very tempted to get some for him during the trip.

But, can a small boy take such a thing or should I just wait till his puberty???? :(

Monday, May 9, 2011

4 mobiles for 2 person

For the past 2 years, what we have more than enough is mobile phones. My crazy hubby is the owner of 3 mobile phones out of a sudden as he was required to have a BB for work, another regular mobile for calls coming from Australia and an iPhone which he uses as his GPS! I am still the sane one with only 1 to use... that also I hardly use since I am home almost all the time.

Our area's reception is quite strong so we don't need a home cellular booster for the time being. The person who needed that will be my brother whose place is surrounded by hills and he often complains about weak reception.

So, how many phones do you own which is still active???

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Re-organize the wardrobe

The kids seems to be growing in a fast pace! I discovered that they have out-grew some of their clothings and I have no choice but to removed those smaller ones out and replace with bigger clothings for them.

I really hate to do all the extra work but guessed this can be avoided. I need to really re-organize the entire wardrobe else everything will fall out when I open the doors! I need to get some door hangers too so I can hang those belts and ties up and they don't fall all over the place.

Maybe I need to get another tallboy too so I can put those items which I used to stack up so they don't fall out when the kids pull out anything within the stack!

Sleepless in KL

We had a short get-away in KL over the Labor Day long weekend. Though we enjoyed the trip since it was a 'makan-makan' trip but I suffered quite a bit due to my baby's crankiness. :(

For most nights, I only get to clock in less than 3 hours sleep each night! She was either not feeling comfortable (not her own bed) or she is just naughty! She kept crying every 1-2 hours and that really disturb my sleep since I am not those who can doze off easily.

Besides panda eyes, I also noticed a few more lines appearing near my eyes!!! I better go get some strivectin sd soon else those lines will stay on!!!