Sunday, April 24, 2011

Traveling in style

Finally after looking for months, we finally found the luggage we have been looking for...

Though the pinkish luggage is not something my hubby would have preferred but I like it! He was looking for the apple green one but not many places has it and since I have some Jusco shopping vouchers, we decided to get it from Jusco. However, only the Jusco at Seberang Prai has it...

This set is priced at RM579 which came with a free cabin carry on. I bought a similar carry on for hubby before and he just love it so that was why we got this set.

Now, I can go traveling in style with a PINK luggage set! hehehehe

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So hot and humid!

The weather here has been terrible! On most days we have hot and humid weather but when night comes, it will rain a little here and there. Mostly just drizzle so not enough to cool the house down.

Last time I hardly take much cold or ice water but the heat here is just too unbearable. I am not sure if this will bring me bad consequence when I am older but I really can't help it...

I am thinking of getting a dehumidifier to clean the air in our room too as the heat from the hot afternoon sun gave the room a funny smell!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RM6.99 Fish & Chips @ MFM

Two Fridays ago, I had a lunch date with a blogging mommy @ Manhattan Fish Market in QBM. That week they were having the RM6.99 Fish & Chips promo. The whole place was packed with diners all taking advantage of the good deal.

We ordered two sets but we upgraded them so we can have the soup and the juice. We paid another RM9.90 for the upgrade. Not too bad since we can have one refill for the juice.

And here is the plate of Fish & Chips... which is of decent serving size...
This was my first time dining in Manhattan Fish Market. Their menu is almost the same as Fish N Co which I used to patronize when I was still residing in Singapore.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Next vacation in 3 weeks!

I have the biggest surprise this week. Hubby booked our flights to the US West Coast within 2 days of decision making! This is the fastest decision he has ever made paying more than RM10K for our flights! :P

Now, we are all so excited as this will be our first time going to San Francisco. Though we don't have that many days there, it is good enough for us to visit that few famous attractions there. Then we will fly to Los Angeles for another week where we will be meeting one of my blogging buddy.

Guess we will have lots of stuff to chat about besides the regular topics. Probably we will even discuss about  social security disability insurance since we will have so much time together!

I am so looking forward to our trip! :D

Free Sausage McMuffin with Egg

After the successful spend RM5 to get 2 Big Breakfast promo, McDonald's came out with yet another promo to make people queue up at their counters every morning... However, this time they will only entertain those with the real coupons... no computer printouts.

I received one coupon in my mailbox a few days back and I'll probably pop by to get my free Sausage McMuffin with Egg for my boy since he told me he likes the meat patty. Not going to spend a single cent this time since it does not require any purchases.

Most likely I'll pop by Subway to get their breakfast sub which comes with a cup of coffee or Milo. Love the crunchy vegetables in my sandwich rather than just meat-meat-meat! :P