Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A trip to Europe?

Initially my SIL said she might wants to come back for a vacation during summer holiday since two of her kids are schooling. However, a few days back she said she has to cancel the plan as her hubby may need to work during that period. Hubby said, if his sister is not coming back, we will go there to visit them instead!

Well... honestly, I am not a fan of European countries though I pretty like some of the seasons! SIL lives in Germany and the food there are not my kind of thing... I remembered our trip there a few years back. I can hardly get to eat nice warm food except for those we cook at home! Especially when we were in Norway visiting my uni friend. I think her dad's cabin furniture attracted me more than those food we ate the entire 5 days we were there! I love her dad's cabin up on the mountain.

My hubby enjoyed his private ski lessons though! :P

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