Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking forward to go LA again!

Just got the news that SIL will not be home this summer as her hubby needs to attend to some work. This means we won't get to see them this year. They have not been home for 4 years now so my hubby thought we should at least go visit them since they can't be home.

My hubby always has this idea that if we do go to Europe, we will enroute to US... either to NYC or to US West Coast again. I will definitely like to be in LA for sure since I want to bring the kids to Disneyland again!

If we do go again, I will definitely ask hubby to visit San Diego Zoo since we did not get to go previously. And since we will need a car, we don't have to worry if it breaks down as I knew about auto shop like the San Diego auto repair

Since we are not sure of our plans yet, I may not know which car we will be hiring but definitely not the Ford F-150 since we prefer to have saloon car. What ever it is, we will definitely get the car agent to check engine light before we pay up.

Anyway, it is still early to say now as hubby might change his mind!

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